Tips On How Get More Testimonials

Did you know that simple testimony can lead your product or website more sales? Many of products, especially if someone recommended that product can be effective to have sales to other target prospects. Every single comment or testimony is very helpful to your business. In this article you will know what are the things that needed to have more testimonials.

1: Testimonials that are rich in detail are more believable.

For example, “I love the bigger dials on this stove” versus…

“The dials are almost twice the size of the older model, making it much easier for these tired old eyes to see the settings. Because of this, I no longer burn my eggs and my wife no longer complains about having a burnt smell in her spotless kitchen.”

2: “Interesting, tell me more.”

If you are speaking to a customer, use the above phrase to get them digging deeper and telling you more about their experience.

Also, anytime you’re getting feedback by phone or in person, remember to ask only open-ended questions. This will provide you with much more information than simple yes/no questions.

And of course the same applies to written feedback – ask only open-ended questions.

3: Name and website

When asking to use their feedback as a testimonial, be sure to tell them you’ll be using their name and URL if they have one. This is free advertising for their website. Who doesn’t love that?

4: Facebook Reviews

If you have a Facebook page and you’re set up as a local business, then you also have a hidden reviews tab.

Simply slide this tab into your visible tabs, and encourage fans to enter reviews.

5: LinkedIn Recommendations

If you have an individual (not a company) profile, then you can get recommendations from your customers.

6: Reviews you don’t even know about

Depending on your business, there might be unsolicited customer reviews being published in the least expected places, such as blogs and social media.

Set up daily notifications on Google Alerts and Social Mention for your applicable terms. Then when your brand is mentioned, check out the links. Ask people who have mentioned you if you can use their comment or story on your testimonials page. Let them know you will be linking directly back to them, and most people will be happy to say yes.

7: Incorporate reviews right into your sales copy

We touched on this earlier but it bears repeating – use reviews to overcome objections right there on your sales page or in your sales video.

For example, when you talk about how easy your product is to use, place testimonials right there that confirm just how easy it is. When it comes time to quote a price, use testimonials to reassure the prospect of what a great deal it is, and so forth.

8: Have a testimonials page

Place all of your testimonials for a product on a page of their own. This includes the testimonials you have on your sales page. Then have a link just for testimonials from your sales page. Make sure the testimonial page opens in a new window, so they don’t lose the sales page.

And place a buy now link on the testimonial page. Prospects who have read the sales letter and clicked over to the testimonial page are often on the verge of buying. Having the buy now link right there saves them from having to go back to the sales page to find the link.

9: Holy Cow Batman, someone posted a negative review!

Sooner or later someone will post a review on your Facebook page or somewhere else that is less than positive. What should you do?


Respond, respond, respond. Yes, I said it 4 times, because it’s that important.

Don’t get mad or angry. Stay positive. Apologize for their negative experience and ask them to get in touch with you so you can make it right.

Once you have made it right, ask if they will go back and amend their original review.

Always stay positive. Never let anger show, even if you’re feeling it.Be the courteous professional you aspire to be. And you’ll find you can right 90% of the negative responses you get.

10: Use real names and photos

Of course you’re never going to make up a testimonial (more on this in a bit.) But to make it even more believable, always use real names, both first and last, and photos of the person whenever possible.

11: Editing

If a testimonial is super long, it might not get read. You can cut out the weaker points, just leaving the strongest message.

And to make it more interesting and readable, bold the one word or phrase you really want your prospects to see.

12: Titles

You can put a title at the top of each testimonial to grab attention. Something super short, snappy and straight to the point works well.

12.5: Your best testimonial

Do you have one testimonial that outshines the rest? Maybe it’s simultaneously credible, relatable and aligns perfectly with your sales message.

What should you do with that testimonial? Well you certainly don’t want to bury it down deep in your page. Instead, place it very near their top, perhaps just under the headlines, or at least within the first block of text.





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