Author: Nick James

Instant Start Ups
Instant Start Ups
Compilation Videos

Here’s a money-making method that simply involves hunting and editing videos.
People right now are creating TikTok compilation videos that are making tremendous money on YouTube. In fact, it’s kind of mind-blowing how much people are making using this little method.

Internet Marketing
Internet Marketing
Online Marketers – How to Keep Screens from Ruining Your Vision

As an online marketer, you no doubt spend an enormous amount of time in front of your computer screen. And just as your grandparents told your parents not to sit too close to the television or their eyes would go bad, we are told that blue light is creating eye fatigue and causing us to lose sleep.
But is it really?

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Beware of Pissing Off Your Loyal Followers

In the U.S., “pissing off” someone is to make them mad at you – sometimes REALLY mad. In the case of a customer, that’s mad enough to never buy your products again, and maybe even mad enough to say bad stuff about you in social media, too.

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