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Word of Mouth Advertising: The Best Source of Qualified Customers, by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

It’s no secret that the most consistent, most enduring, most envious of businesses all do something that the majority of their competitors don’t. What is their secret? Well, it’s nothing more than doing what they do so well, that others can’t help but tell other people about them. What am I talking about? Everything that […]

3 Ways to Make Extra Sales From Your Old “Scary Movies”, by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

Do you have any old ‘scary’ and embarrassing videos of presentations that you have made in the past? Perhaps you spoke to a small group of people, or gave a lecture in the past and it was recorded. If so why not dig out that old VHS player and review some of those old video […]

4 Easy Ways To Help Your Customers Overcome The Fear Of Ordering From You, by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

You can help overcome your prospects’ fears by doing these four proven things! A majority of people are simply afraid to make a decision to order your product. They may really want and need it, but something inside of them tells them to put it off. To think it over. To wait a while. You […]

Email Marketing Tips
eMail Marketing
33 Tips For Increasing Profits From Email Marketing, by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

Speaking to someone through an email message is the next best thing to calling them. Used correctly, it’s a way into their heart and can bind them to you for multiple years and transactions to come. But sadly, most marketers are truly terrible at email marketing. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of the 33 […]

7 Criticisms You Need to Crush If You Are Looking to Live The High Life, by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

“Know Thyself.” In one way or another, many of the greats have passed on the above message. Whilst many look outward for the answers to their problems, the wise look within. However, having gotten over the fact that one has to look within for the answers to life, there are still a number of factors […]

3 Tips To Keep Your Business Accounting Organised, by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

If you’re like a lot of online business owners, you probably think running your own business is a whole lot of fun. I’ve had my fair share of late nights and adrenaline-pumping moments over the years, as I’m sure you have too. Tell you what, I wouldn’t change my self-employed lifestyle for the world. But […]

Video Tips
Running Your Internet Business Tip #9: Expert Contributions, by Nick James, the Internet Business Coach

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The “Running Your Internet Business” series by internet coach Nick James shows you simple, one-minute tips on how to improve your online business and make more money online.

Tip #9 tells you about the great advantage of telling your customers about how many experts contributed in creating your product.

16 Tips For Effective Commenting on Blogs, by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

You’ve probably heard that commenting on other people’s blogs is a good thing to do. But do you know why it’s so important? Yes, it can get you traffic. People see your blog comment, like it, and click on your name to go to your website. But that’s not the biggest reason to comment on […]

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