5 Clever Ways To Syndicate Your Content To Get Free Traffic

No matter what you’re selling online, using free content is a great way to get free traffic and turn that traffic into paying customers.

Did you notice the two-fold benefit there? Get free traffic AND turn that traffic into paying customers. It’s not an “either/or” situation but rather a “both/and” situation.

Free content brings you both benefits. Content both generates and converts traffic.

The bottom line is: you make more money.

Now you might imagine that you need to create a whole lot of content in order to get a whole lot of traffic.

Not necessarily.

Here’s the thing: you can reuse and repurpose your existing content. Simply transform it into different formats and syndicate it in the new format. It saves you time and money while increasing your market reach, traffic, and sales. 

Here are five ways to “syndicate” your content do it…


A podcast is simply an audio file that your visitors download and listen to (or stream online). Podcasts are awesome because your visitors can listen to them on their MP3 players at the gym, in the car, when they’re doing housework and more. If you have a “how to” podcast (such as “how to do squats”), then people can follow along as they actually perform the task.

I personally listen to hundreds of hours (probably more like thousands) of podcasts every year while I’m out running.

The simplest form for a podcast is to simply record an MP3 file, which you can even do using a tool like Audacity, and then make that file available on your site. Or, you may opt to use a professional site such as Podbean.com.

Either way, once you’re done you can syndicate the content by uploading your podcast to sites such as PodcastDirectory.com. Run a search in Google for your niche keywords alongside the words “podcast directory” to find the best places to upload your finished product.

Next up…


Now that you have a podcast, it’s pretty easy to turn this content into a video. For example, if your podcast is about how to do squats, you can overlay this narration on top of video clips of you demonstrating the proper form.

Or, you can do what I like to do: record the video first and then strip out the audio to be used for a separate podcast.

Two of the best ways to record videos are..

This type of video has you speaking into a camera to share your content.

This type of video has you speaking into a microphone while slides advance on screen.

Both of these are popular choices.

When you’re video is ready for distribution, then upload it to sites such as YouTube.com and Vimeo.com.

Be sure to include good keywords that will help your ideal prospects find your video. For example, if your video is about losing weight, then you might include tags such as “weight loss,” “lose weight,” “fat loss” and “diet.”

Congrats, you’ve got your own video channel. Superstar! 🙂


Slide Share…

Still another way to reuse and repurpose your content is through a slide share presentation.  Just reduce the text to the main points, and then add graphics to showcase the main points. These might include illustrations, charts, infographics or similar.

Note: in this case, we’re referring to a series of slides that people can click through at their own pace (as opposed to a slide-share video that I mentioned earlier.)

Once your slide share presentation is complete, then upload it to SlideShare.net or other similar sites. As usual, include a good description with relevant keywords so that interested prospects will be able to find it.

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Blog Posts…

We’re not done yet!

You can also distribute your content as a blog post. Get your audio or video transcribed and use the text version as blog content. If your content is lengthy, you can create an entire series of posts to drip at your blog over days or even weeks to come.

But don’t just stop with posting an article on your own blog. For maximum distribution, you’ll want to seek out guest blogging opportunities and syndicate your content across your niche.

TIP: You can find these opportunities by searching for your niche keywords (such as “weight loss” or dog training”) alongside words such as:

  • Guest blog
  • Guest blogging
  • Guest article
  • Guest author
  • Article submission
  • Article guidelines

You should uncover plenty of guest author opportunities using these search terms.

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Social Media…

When you post your content on social media, post it in a form that’s easy for people to consume and share. One good way to do this is via a short video. Another is to give away a report.

But my favorite is to turn content into an infographic. People love them! And, as an added benefit, they SHARE them with others. A good infographic (think “visual, image-driven version” of your content) can get lots of retweets, shares, etc.

Once your content is ready to roll, then post it on the sites with the most traffic. This includes:

  • Facebook.com
  • Twitter.com
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

You can also post it on any niche-relevant social media sites. For example,“Dogster.com” is a good choice if you have dog-related content.

Ultimately, you want the SAME CONTENT syndicated in MULTIPLE FORMATS across a DIVERSITY OF PLATFORMS.

Think about this scenario:

  • 1. You record a slide presentation video that you upload to YouTube and Vimeo.
  • 2. You strip out the audio that you submit as a podcast episode.
  • 3. You use the slides from the video at Slideshare.net
  • 4. You have the audio transcribed so you can use it as blog post material.
  • 5. You create an infographic that you give away on social media.

How much EXTRA MILAGE from your content are you getting by taking these simple steps? Boom!

You need content in order to get traffic and to convert this traffic into customers, but you don’t need to spend a whole lot of time and money creating this content.

Instead, create it once, then tweak it across a variety of platforms including podcasts, videos, blog posts, slide share presentations and social media.

If you already have an article or other content created, then you can tweak it and put it in a different format today. So go ahead and get started… because the sooner you do, the sooner you’ll start enjoying more traffic and sales!

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