Surefire Tips for Recruiting High-Quality JV Partners

One of the most powerful ways to drive traffic to your website is through the use of joint venture marketing partners. That’s because any traffic you get is warm – these are people who’ve been sent to your site by someone they know, like and trust, so they’re landing on your virtual doorstep with an open mind (and often an open wallet).

So how do you recruit these sorts of high-quality partners that are likely to put plenty of profit in your pocket? You can start by following these tips…

Search Widely

There are plenty of ways to uncover potential partners in your niche, including:

  • Check sites like JVZoo and ClickBank to see who’s selling the top products in your niche.
  • Run a Google search for your niche keywords, and see who controls the top keywords in your niche.
  • Search for your niche keywords on social media (such as Facebook) to see who has the biggest platforms.
  • Check to see who has the biggest blogs in your niche (you can uncover these with Google searches, e.g., “dog training blog”).
  • Ask your prospects and customers about their favorite blogs, newsletters, products and social media pages/groups.
  • Ask your current partners to introduce you to their partners.
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Look for Quality Partners

When you do joint ventures, your name gets associated with your partners for a long time to come. That’s why you want to make sure that you only work with reputable people.

To that end, do a Google search for your potential partner’s name, business name, websites and products. Look for any patterns of complaints from customers, affiliates, business partners or other associates. Be sure the person has a good reputation for delivering high-quality products and services in the niche.

Build Relationships First

Once you do your due diligence to uncover quality partners, then your next step is to start proposing joint ventures. But heads up – it’s easier to get people to agree to do business with you if they already know, like and trust you. That’s why you should seek to build relationships first – or at the very least, get on your prospective partner’s radar.

Here are ways to do that…

  • Make money for the potential partner. If they have an affiliate program, sign up for it and generate traffic and cash for the partner.
  • Engage the prospective partner on social media.
  • Post thoughtful commentary on the prospective partner’s blog, forum, group or other platform.
  • Blog about the potential partner (e.g., talk about one of their ideas). Share on social media and tag them.
  • Talk to the prospective partner at offline events, such as expos or conferences.
  • Ask mutual friends to introduce you.


As you can see, it takes time to do the upfront research and start developing relationships with potential partners. But it’s well worth your time, because even just one good partner can drive thousands of dollars into your bank account. So, put these tips to work for you today to find and recruit good partners!

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