Can Visitors READ Your Site?

Growing Your Business

That might sound like a silly question – of course they can read your site.


Unless you’ve got ‘helpful’ stuff on the screen that is getting in the way.

Take a look at this screen shot:

On the left you see a tab for reviews with no way to get rid of the tab.

Bottom left is chat box that again, cannot be clicked away.

Bottom right is a heart which had me baffled at first. Click on it and it tells you to log in so that you can save this page to your wish list.

NONE of these things were helpful to me, and all of them were in the way of trying to read the article.

Yet I’m sure the site owner thinks these things are the bees’ knees. And I’m sure they would be, too, if they weren’t so @#$%& obtrusive.

What handy dandy little gizmos have you added to your site that are getting in the way of your visitors reading your content?

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