This Star Wars Method for Creating Huge Demand for Old(er) Products

Before the Star Wars prequel of 1999 even hit theaters, people lined up around the block to buy tickets for movies – any other movies – that were showing the Star Wars TRAILER.

How weird is that?

Imagine you owned one of those other movies. Would you take the extra ticket sales, knowing the people were motivated by someone else’s trailer rather than your movie?

Heck yeah. After all, money is money.

How do we use this in marketing?

Supposed a hot new trend comes out – maybe everybody wants to know how to use a duck to clean their car (I’m making this up, in case you had any doubt).

You’ve got a product on car maintenance, or on how to buy cars, or sell cars, or use cars as building materials – whatever.

Your product has been selling well for sometime, but that’s the problem. Your product is OLD NEWS.

The duck is NEW NEWS.

So, here’s what you do: Create a bonus for your product that’s all about the hot new trend; in this case, car cleaning ducks.

Advertise the BONUS. Not the product, but the bonus. Let people know you are giving it away for FREE when they buy your related product.

Then see what happens.

Here’s a real world example: You have a course on social media marketing. Some billionaire astronaut starts an entirely new social media site. It’s so new, there’s not enough there to create an entire course yet. But you can certainly create a bonus in about a day.

Then offer the bonus for free when people sign up for your social media marketing course.

And watch the sales soar.

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