10 Reasons Why Today Is The Perfect Day To Live Your Dreams And Make Your Life Successful | by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

24 hours. 1,440 minutes. 86,400 seconds. That’s today summed up in a nutshell if you consider figures only. However, if you are ready to look beyond the numerical, those 86,400 seconds present countless opportunities for you to grow, chase your dreams, and be the person you have always dreamt of. Today is a gift and that is why it is called the present. Are you ready to seize it?

You have always wanted to make it big in the world. You have always wanted to be the happiest person in the world. Big cars, luxurious home, lot of friends around – your ideal life is made up of all warm, big, and glossy things. But when are you going to make these happen? When are you going to start building your future? Let’s start today.

Why today? Because today you are blessed with 24 golden hours. Today you are blessed with 1,440 minutes of hard work and creativity. Today you are blessed with 86,400 seconds to redefine your life and make it truly awesome.

Today is special because it is unique. It is not like yesterday; it’s the day that fills your heart with hope and dreams. It’s a moment in your life when you are beckoned to unleash your potential and create a great life.

1. Start living your dreams today. Today comes with much potential. Do not consider it as an extension of yesterday. What happened yesterday is past. You cannot change it. Accept it and let it get buried in the past. Of course, do not forget the lessons yesterday taught you as they are invaluable. However, you should not carry any baggage from yesterday and cripple your today. Today is for living your dreams and do so with fervor.

2. Make today the best day of your life. As Mary Shelley has said, “The beginning is always today,” so that is how you should treat today. Take it as the day to begin living your dreams and create a perfect life. Create an awesome today and see how your life becomes amazing. Here are small things that you can do today to live your dreams and create an awesome tomorrow. Remember, “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”

3. Live in the moment, live today. Yes, this is very important. You should live every moment. Do not let your mind wander but focus on the present. Worrying over future won’t get you anywhere so try to make your today so good that tomorrow would naturally become happy and peaceful.

4. Have a great start. Morning shows the day. Remember reading that in your primary classes? Kick starting a day in the right note makes it easy to have a grand day. Do not rush out of bed when you wake up in the morning. Wake up fifteen minutes earlier to welcome the new day. Do some stretching exercises to improve blood circulation. Choose a workout regime that suits you and follow it with fifteen minutes of meditation. This is to fuel your soul to remain calm and motivated throughout the day.

5. Get ready for a successful day. To have a productive day, it is important to have a clutter-free mind and environment. While meditation would keep your mind and soul clear of any clutter, you need to take care of your immediate surroundings. Prepare your bed as soon as you leave it and go for a quick cleaning of your room. This simple act would motivate you and make you feel good about yourself.

6. Feed your body. It’s time to feed the body. A simple and healthy breakfast is the key to remaining energetic all through the day. If you do not find time to prepare an elaborate meal, at least eat fruits or salads. A veggie-filled omelet doesn’t require much time to prepare but keeps you full for hours.

7. Get three important things done today. Most of us are so busy doing emergency work that we seldom find time to do things that are important or can have a huge impact on our future. So, while creating your to-do list, mention at least three important tasks that you need to complete today.

8. Go for a walk. Whether in the morning or afternoon, in the lunch hour or after dinner, always go for a walk and watch how it affects your mood. Choose a park or a natural location and enjoy the breeze, the sun and its warmth. Fill your heart with gratitude.

9. Spend time with a loved one. This is a must. Each day find time to spend a few moments with someone you love. Be your friends or parents, surrounding yourself with the love and affection of near ones makes life wonderful.

10. Read something worthwhile. You may choose early morning to read something inspirational or just before going to bed to fuel your imagination. Good books are our greatest companions.

Seize today. It’s a treasure you have been gifted by God. Fill every moment with love, hope, and happiness and start living your dreams.

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