5 Great Calls to Action That Get Results | by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

When your readers or viewers get to the end of your report, webinar, video or other free content, you don’t want to them to close it and forget about it. You want them to take some sort of action. This action could be anything from applying what they just learned to purchasing a related product.

Here are five popular calls to action, along with how to put them to work inside your free content…


1. Calling People to Apply What They Learned

When people get done reading or viewing your content, you want them to take action on what they just learned. That’s because people who take action usually get good results. In turn, this creates satisfied viewers and readers who’re more likely to tell their friends about your content and purchase your paid products.

For example:

  • Your next step is simple: apply what you just learned about how to write a great sales letter! Start with Step 1 right now. Because the sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll start enjoying higher conversion rates and more sales notifications in your inbox!
  • So now that you know the very best way to lose 10 pounds, it’s time to get started. Don’t wait until tomorrow, or next week, or next month. Today is the best day to get started transforming yourself into the best possible version of you!

Next up…


2. Directing People to “Part 2” of the Content

Another good way to get people to take action is by telling them to read or watch “Part 2” of the blog post, webinar, video, or report they just finished viewing.

For example:

  • Now that you know how to remove and clean the carburetor from your classic Mustang, your next step is to tune it. Click here to find out how inside Part 2 of this exciting video series.
  • Half the battle in losing weight is to get your nutrition in order, which is what you just discovered how to do. Click here to discover the second part of this equation – you might be surprised!



3. Recommending Prospects Purchase a Related Product

Perhaps your free content was “useful yet incomplete” with the intention of leading prospects to purchase a paid product. Here’s what your call to action might look like:

  • Get over 200 delicious recipes inside this new weight loss cookbook. You won’t believe how much taste you get for so few calories! Click here to get yours now – and hurry to grab this cookbook at half off while supplies last!
  • What do the golfing pros do when they want to add 25 yards to their drives? Discover their secrets by clicking here… and be prepared to be shocked!

Here’s another call to action you might use…


4. Turning Prospects Into Subscribers

Another great use of your call to action is to send readers and viewers to a lead page to join your mailing list.

For example:

  • Do you want more great ideas for boosting your home’s value? Click here to get the free report!
  • You just got a great overview of how to use kettle bell training to lose weight. Now you too can use a free workout video to melt the pounds. Click here to get yours now!

Here’s one final method…


5. Getting Readers to Share With Others

If you’re posting viral content, then you’ll want to drop a call to action which encourages viewers and readers to share the content with others.

For example:

  • Your friends will love this just as much as you did. Click here to share it with them now!
  • Want to give your friends a good laugh? Click here to share this video—they’ll thank you for it!

Now let’s wrap things up…


So here’s the bottom line: Don’t let your readers or viewers off the hook by letting them simply walk away from your content. Instead, call them to action. Encourage them to use what they just learned, share the content with others, buy a related product, join your mailing list, or read “Part 2” of the content.

All you have to do to get started is use one of the five calls to action you just discovered above. So go ahead and insert one of them into your next content piece, and then watch your business grow!

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