7 Tips On Holding Your Own Money-Making Seminar, by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

You’ve likely seen advertisements in your local paper, or via direct mail regarding various events and seminars in your local area.

If you’ve ever wondered if you have it in you to make money speaking at such events, why not just have your own event?

If you are an expert in a topic, (and likely you are) then you can put on a professional event that earns enough money that you could likely do one or two a year and make a full time living.

Some thoughts to help you get started:

1. Work locally

You can quickly establish yourself as a local expert and find good deals from local vendors to help you put together a super professional and profitable event. By holding an event in your local area you will be able to tap into your business network and spread the word of your event quickly, cheaply, and effectively.

2. Rent a venue

Many places in your local area offer places to hold your seminar. Places such as hotels, churches, schools, colleges, and even restaurants often rent out space for events. Ensure that they offer the services that you need such as technology, internet, microphones, etc. Visually check out the space and even attend an event if possible.

3. Charge a fee

While you can technically earn money on free events by offering books, DVDs and other information products for sale at your event, it’s better to charge a fee to help cover the venue and promotional costs where possible. This will also give you some valued cash-flow for your speaking efforts and also to go towards making payments to any paid speakers that present at your event.

Determining the cost of the event can be tricky if you let it, but honestly it’s a mathematical equation. Add up all your costs, including your speaking fee that you’d like to earn, then divide by how many seats you plan to fill, and multiply the answer by 1.5. This gives you some leeway.

4. Market Your Event

Never skimp on marketing your event. It is very important and could be one of the most important aspects of your event. I wish I had spent more money marketing my event last year. If you skimp on marketing there is a danger that not enough people will show up and you could lose your investment. Leave no ‘marketing stone’ unturned. Use the local paper, local radio, flyers, the Internet, or smaller free speaking events via local organizations and non profits.

5. Collect the money

This seems like a normal thing to do but you would be surprised at how many people forget about how to collect the money for the event. You can collect at the door and before people are at the door. You can sell tickets at various ticketing outlets, and local book stores and other local areas and on the Internet.

6. Put on a great event

The other tip to making money at your own seminar is to put on a great event. Ensure that you’ve chosen well who will organise it, even if it’s yourself, so that everyone goes on and off stage on time. Pay attention to the timing of the speeches and respect the paying guests’ time as well as your sponsors’ and others’ time. Giving everyone what they want can be trying but it can also be satisfying and fun.

7. Set up a table

Set up a table before and after the event for people to purchase things from you and your other participants. Use a nice table cloth and covering and put a nice display. Have someone manning the area. You want a way to take cash, credit and local checks, if possible, for the most opportunities to sell the extra products which can add hundreds to your bottom line. So ensure that you have change, and a way to do this easily.

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