3 Things to Remember to Rake in Big Numbers From Your Copywriting | by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

The floodgates have been smashed open. And no, I’m not talking about dams, insider trading, political scandals, out of the closet confessions.

What I’m referring to has to do with advertising. In particular, courses, books, tapes, DVD ‘s, you name it, that has to do with creating effective copy that sells and “kicks butt”.

Do you know what I’m talking about? If you flick onto the web, you’ll see that every high profile, fast talking marketer (guru if you will) has something to say about how to sell through your words. And most of them have a package that’s the best thing since sliced bread. Naturally.

Irritating? Can be for some. For others? Well, they’ll lap up anything and everything that has to do with it all. And, that’s irrespective if they do anything with it once they’ve got it!

It’s not that the sellers of this stuff aren’t sharing something of value. They are. Though what seems to be missing are the vital components that’ll make most sales letter and marketing promotions crackle and sing with electric energy, zipping to their intended audience and drawing out from them some sort of qualified response.

You see, if it were left entirely up to the copy, most promotions will sink like a lead balloon in the deepest ocean. If that’s a revelation for you, or if you’ve been induced to thinking that great copy will get you out of even the direst of situations, then let me tell you that it’s very far from the truth.

See, if I was to write a real WOW of a sales letter, but mailed it to the wrong crowd, and , it contained a sensationally boring and intoxicatingly mediocre offer, then, for sure, the numbers will resemble the attendance figures of Madonna giving a concert just for nuns.

So, let me spell out again the three important elements to make a marketing and advertising promotion a stunning success.

  1. The list of people (the target audience)
  2. The Offer
  3. The Copy


I. The List

If I were a business owner selling a business opportunity to do with say, sports betting, I wouldn’t waste my time sending the piece out to people who are gambling averse, who have ignored previous mailing from either me or my competitors and, who have no interest or knowledge about the industry.

But, do you know what? I’m not into so-called betting and gambling opportunities, but I get tons of mailings to do with them both. It’ll be true to say that I’m probably on a bunch of business mailing lists that clubs all “opportunity hunters” together.

Big mistake. Sorting, sifting and screening is the way to ensure that your target audience is perfectly matched to what you have to sell.


II. The Offer

I can tell you, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen product ads that just wimp out on offering the best product and the best offer that they can.

A million pound secret: FIRE YOUR BEST PRODUCT WITH THE BEST OFFER YOU CAN, right at the beginning. People get a fleeting opportunity to see and read what you have to say, so, you better make it a memorable first time out!

Instead of saying “You get one months free subscription to the ‘BETTING TIMES’ and you can withdraw your purchase at anytime”, why not add something like this:

“Not only will we buy you the first 3 months of your BETTING TIMES subscription; we’ll even throw in 3 FREE tips that you can use to make money THIS COMING WEEKEND!

All you have to do is complete your no-risk application form. Once we receive it, we’ll send you a hotline number for you to ring where you’ll be able to eavesdrop on 3 winning bets that you can put money on THIS VERY WEEKEND!”

Can you see how it’s a little more irresistible than the first version? As a potential client, wouldn’t you be more likely to opt for the 3 months, 3 free tips deal?

That’s the power of the list and the offer.


III. The Copy

Well, you’ve just seen the effect that effective copy can have. What you can take heart in is that for hard physical products, the copy doesn’t have to be of such a grade A standard. The other two elements (the list and the offer) will pull the promotional piece through.

Though, if one is selling informational products, telling the full story with grade-A copywriting skills, tactics, and shortcuts will go a long long way to creating bigger response numbers.

So, now that you’re armed with this knowledge, I challenge you to use these three elements to their fullest and see your response rates and ROI shoot to the moon!


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