Cooking On The Internet | by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

Have you ever found that time seems to stand still sometimes, especially when you’re waiting for a result or outcome, or someone to get back to you? You look at your watch and the hands haven’t moved!

Then, on other occasions you’ve become so involved in something that hours have flown by without you realising?

Well, many times I’ve written a sales letter or email, posted it and then just sat by the computer waiting for results. Now, some of the big gurus sometimes say that they do this and within 30 seconds, ‘ping’ an order appears, then another and so on, but what some of them don’t tell you is that they’ve built up that mailing list over two years and it’s 50,000 strong!

Yes, it is rewarding when that happens, but what I’ve found to be the best strategy is let something ‘cook’ for a while. Rather than waste time anxiously waiting for results, just do the best you can then leave it, go and do something completely different, some sport or spend time with your family. Then, when you come back you may find that you log on just to check your email for something else and ‘ping’ you get a result! It seems that these things happen when you least expect it and the more you relax, the better the results.

People are always amazed at the speed at which I produce these articles, yet what I do is not to worry about getting them done, and ‘ping’ they appear!

The amazing thing about the internet is that once you let something go, it takes on a life of its own, other people see your message but don’t act upon it immediately or they pass it on to a friend, by that time a month has gone by, I still get orders for products that I advertised months ago.

What this also means is that you need to keep the faith, believe that what you are doing is worthwhile but don’t expect immediate results. Just imagine that thousands of people are going to know about you, so with that in mind, put 110% into your project because someone may find out about it in 6 months’ time.

That really is what is meant by the expression ‘make money while you sleep’ Initially it’s just that delay so it appears that you haven’t done anything, but then if you have affiliates signed up under you or you’re involved in recurring-billing programs then as things grow, they grown of their own accord.

Just do as much as you can each day with the resources you have, then do something else and have faith.

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