Should You Take a Course in ‘Creative Writing’ to Make Sales From Your Words? | by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

I’m going to address something that may rub some people up the wrong way.

You see, I more than occasionally get a number of people asking me whether they should spend a pile of money to get ‘good at writing’.

And, the place where they’re thinking about parking their cash is with a college, institution or place where they teach ‘creative writing’ or however you want to describe it.

I do a little deep breathing, and then I tell them something similar to the following.

“I personally have never taken a course in creative writing, or know of anyone who has done so either. And, I’m talking about those people, friends and colleagues who want to write their own sales messages that sell products and services.”

Of course, that’s just a handful of people whom I know and hang out with. And let me quickly say that I know people who routine sell tens of thousands of pounds, some hundreds of thousands of pounds per month, all from conveying their sales messages in ‘non-creative writing’ methods.

Now, I do know people who have taken these kinds of creative courses who then want to write heart affecting poetry, or, have this notion of being a famous fiction author, or anything other than using it to write messages that sell.

Let me speedily say that a lot of people get hung up about the application of the word ‘creative’.

I’m all for applying creative marketing to a product or service, but then grounding it in basic, solid, direct response copywriting techniques and strategies.

I’m against using flowery, meaningless, airy fairy language to convey a message. I’m against using silly riddles, rhymes and annoying clownishness to get across a concept, idea or thought.

If you want to know a simple truth and, what is really a powerful secret, because many just don’t get it, is that when you can ‘write like you talk’, you’ll be way ahead of those who call themselves “copywriters”.

You’ll know more than what’s in any course; be it copywriting, creative writing, journalism, or any other.

But, there’s a little disclaimer to this: If your talk, your normal conversation, is lacklustre, minimal and simply dull, then, writing like you talk won’t help you. Unless…

Unless you tune in to how everyday people are actually talking. To how your customers are talking. And then, capture that use of language and then weave it in your communications.

Let me tell you that there’s no easier, quicker or cheaper way to help you on your way to becoming a more proficient and effective ad, website, email or sales letter writer than most of the “professionals” out there.

But, if you’re hell bent on putting your money into a creative writing course in order to help you better your sales messages, if I were given the choice, I’d choose a scriptwriting or screenwriting course.

And there’s a very good reason for choosing those.

You see, a really good sales message, is essentially, a story. Good copywriting is closer to the great fiction novels than you’d believe.

Not only will you learn effective ways of creating an ‘opening’ for a sales message, you’ll learn about plots, characters, curiosity, suspense, drama, all the essential ingredients for a compelling sales message.

I hope I haven’t put too many noses out of joint in this article and sincerely wish your money is wisely invested.

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