Deleting Your Own Inner Editor For Super Copywriting Success | by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

Have you ever blurted out something and then thought to yourself, “what the heck have I just said?” Are you able to recall such an incident? How did you feel when it happened? What did you feel when you thought about all the other people around you who heard what you said?

I don’t know what you feel, but in certain situations, the ‘blurting out’ probably contains some element of truth. Blocking oneself to shelter the truth may not be the wisest thing.

The same can be said when crafting out a sales or promotion message.

Blurting out on paper can be the best thing you can do. You see, it’s in the blurting where pieces of important information come to light. And, it’s this information that could prove pivotal in the written communication.

The thing here is not to be critical of oneself. To not censor or edit oneself. On paper, you have the advantage of the whole world being absent. It’s only you and your notebook, tablet, laptop, or PC.

Let’s be honest: we all have that ‘critical editor’, roaming the environment, looking to pounce on whatever comes into our firing line.

“Oh, she’s too fat; he’s got a ridiculous color shirt.”

“His opinion on that is crap. What does he know? He’s never done anything successful in his life.”

“I don’t know how she wrote that, and she’s a so-called journalist.”

“He’s had 3 failed businesses, so I’m not listening to him.”

“Not another informational product to do with putting up a website; they’re all useless.”

Can you see how quick we are to jump to conclusions? We add assumption after assumption, criticise, blame, censor, block, etc. before we hear the whole picture.

So it makes sense then to write with abandon about our promotional and marketing pieces.

The worst thing that can happen is when we’re writing at breakneck speed is to then, right there, in the middle of writing, decide that, “the grammar here isn’t too hot, or that it doesn’t sound right; let’s alter here and now!”

Can you see how easy it is to lose the power and momentum in what we have to say?

I know there’s the idea that “I’m not that kind of person. I’m editing as I go, I don’t want anything silly, stupid or hurtful to come out”. As noble as that sounds, it’s also a recipe for stopping one’s life from fully exploring the hidden possibilities that lie buried in everyone’s mind.

My suggestion to you is let it all flow out. Remember, this is a private thing. It’s for no one else’s eyes apart from yours. And don’t forget, this is just the first draft. You’ll get plenty opportunity to edit and re-write later. The thing here is that you need to get all the content you can first, out in the open. Then, you’ll be able to adjust and amend as necessary.

Concentrate on speed. Get it all out on paper as fast as you can. Break the writing speed limit if you can. Remember, you never know what you can accomplish until you set your mind to it.

Try it now. See how quickly you can write about you, your aspirations, and your business. You don’t have to do all three. Though, if you’re looking to ramp up your copywriting skills, doing ALL THREE is a must.

What should you write? Well, think of it in this way: imagine you were sitting around a table at your local bar. You’ve had a tipple or two and your friends leans over and says to you, “okay, John, tell me about your real hopes for making money in the coming year.”

It’s then you’ll most likely tell him and explain everything you’ve got stashed in the brain of yours. It’s unedited. It’s uncensored. It’s free flowing and from the heart.

This is exactly what you’re looking for when you craft your initial sales and promotional messages—an uninhibited account of how you really see things. It’s now that your sales and promotional messages will really begin to sparkle and resonate with your audience.

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