Hard Work Or Working Hard? The Difference is Astounding! | by Nick James, the Internet Business Coach

“How you doing Nick, how’s things going?”

“Well, to tell you the truth, I’m working harder everyday!”

“Gosh, it sound like too much hard work, I really don’t know if I want to do that everyday!”

That type of conversation is pretty standard dialogue for me. I get that most days from those who say they would like a lifestyle like I have.

However, what people may not realise is that I absolutely love what I do. I work hard at what I’m doing because not only do I get rewarded personally, I’m also able to help a good number of others to achieve and excel, also.

You see, what I do isn’t hard work, but I work hard at making things happen.

Quite frankly, most things in my business world are step by step, pretty formulaic. And, truthfully, it’ll only be hard if I don’t follow the steps, if I don’t put things into some sort of motion.

Now here’s why I feel people get messed up and confused with the working hard / hard work thinking: We’ve all been told from an early age that the slog, grind, the slow and steady hard work ethic is the key and discipline to making things happen. We’ve been given examples of our forefathers, people in the public eye who have become the architects of modern industry who sacrificed a lot, who put their shoulder to the wheel and sweated buckets.

However, what’s often missing is the instruction to simplify the difficult, to streamline the slog, to break down the grind. You see, according to me, damn hard work is digging up the garden, barrowing the debris over to the skip through the wind and the rain, or through the burning 28 degrees heat. Manual, heavy lifting, long hours using all your muscles, fibres, and sinews is real hard work.

An yes, there are people who love the whole heavy manual, sweat of the brow, heavy lifting grunt work. I don’t deny that. To them, this is bliss, this is reward, this is payoff.

But for the majority, the above is considered hard work. And there are many variations of the above scenario. You may be able to pull out an example from your own life.

When I do my work, I’m mostly in a continual energised state through the day. I really can’t wait to get at it the very next morning.

Is it always like this? Do you think I have days where I just want to stay in bed, thinking, “Oh no, not another day of grind and effort!”

Let me tell you, it’s rare, really rare for me to feel like that. That’s because, quite frankly, I love what I do. I can’t imagine a better life than the one I’ve got.

And that’s the opposite for the majority of the workforce of those owning their own business.

Quality of life is high on the agenda for many. However, the latest stats show 80-90% of people hate what they do and can’t wait for Friday evening to come around. There’s more stress related illness and absences from the workplace than ever before. More businesses are struggling to keep afloat. More people are working extended hours, taking work home, working through their weekend leisure time above and over their contractual hours. And yes, there’s bickering, complaining, moaning and teeth gnashing going on from employees as well as business owners who have poorly run and poorly organised work lives.

You’ll never have me complain about working ‘extra’. It’s simply built into what I do. It’s part and parcel of the lifestyle I chose. And that’s the important part – it’s the lifestyle I chose.

Most don’t consider they’ve consciously chosen the lifestyle they have. I suggest that in the choosing of one’s business profession or career, by default, they’ve opted for the associated lifestyle.

How about you? Are you working hard and loving it? Or are you bogged down in the thick of hard work, something that saps the energy and life out of you?

I suggest you reflect on the questions for they hold the key to your future and the attitude with how you go about structuring your work life. You see, there’s nothing worse than going through the daily grind and slog, simply because you have to.

You don’t have to do it that way. You have choices. If you’re looking to develop an existing business or create a new Internet-based small business, you may not be in a position to leave your present employ or occupation if you have one. However, over a concentrated, consistent, dedicated period of time, you can ultimately reach the place that you wanted.

Can you now see the absolute importance of the headline of this article: the differences and consequences in choosing one or the other, is huge?

What will you choose? Hard work. Slog. Grind. In a career or occupation where you have no interest or enthusiasm?


Will you opt for working hard at doing something you love, have chosen consciously to do, and are excited about the future rewards and the potential in front of you?