How Do You Get The Attention of People You Don’t Know? | by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

If you were trying to catch the attention of a group of people whom you had no affinity with, how would you do it, without blowing a hole in your financial pocket?

It’s an interesting question. A question that not a lot of business owners pay attention to.

Tell me, would you write to a person, whom you already had the first name for, as…

“Dear Sir/Madam”… ?

No, didn’t think you would. But, that’s exactly what the big sprawling corporations and businesses are doing. Sad and shameful. Losing potential customers in a flash!

So, exactly how would you flag down the people you’re trying to reach?

Let’s say you wanted to reach local residents in a certain geographic area to tell them about your new Dry Cleaning establishment and you didn’t have their full names, what could we come up as an opening to get our prospects leaning in towards our written piece? (This is an on the assumption that we haven’t rented their names from a local list broker)

Okay, what if we start with: “Dear Occupant”? Well, I don’t know what you feel, but that sounds like a letter coming from the local Council office or a big blanket mailing done by a non-too savvy enterprise.

How about we go with simply: “Dear Resident”? Okay, that’s not bad. It has a little warmth to it. But, I think we can do better.

What if we try: “Dear Resident of Hampstead” Alright, now we’re moving in the direction we want. It has a little warmth, and it narrows down the target area, making the recipient feel part of a ‘community’.

Okay, it’s looking good. But, what if we try one last shot and go with: “Dear Hampstead Resident Looking for A Great Deal on Their Dry cleaning”?

BINGO! Now that’ll get the attention of your recipient, won’t it?

Whether they take you up on your offer (and you’d better have a great offer, or the mailing would be really wasted) as soon as they get your piece, or whether they tuck it away in that special place, waiting for that time when it’ll be needed, then you would have done your job.

For the savvy and initiated, a second and third mailing to that same target group, each one referring to the letter before, will see a bigger response than if only using a one-shot mail approach.

So, what novel and warm ways can you come up with to address customers or prospects in your mailings and communications?

Practicing this easy-to-do tactic can bring multiple rewards. If you’re going to write a message, you may as well make it the best you can. Right?

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