How to Create an Online Business by Simply Using Email Copywriting Skills

Effective copy and advertising abilities can get you into a tons of profitable bother. You’ll soon see that you can easily be swamped with all the opportunity that’s all around you, once you’ve mastered this most essential marketing skill.

Owning this skill isn’t merely designed to get you more money pouring through your business, though, that does sound pretty delicious, right? No. This skill will allow you to do so much more in life – enable you to communicate to a number of different people, organisations, institutes, family and friends… in order to get what you want.

But, getting back to the number one reason why you’re a member of the Nick-James website, helping you to make more money from your home based business, quicker, easier and without any complicated fuss.

But, suppose you wanted to create an online business… without ever having a website… could you do it?

Well, I’d say it’s pretty easy, once you’ve understood the fundamentals of writing good copy. Let’s say that you’re now pretty adept at writing good copy.

First, you’d need an email address. There’s plenty email/hosting providers out there so you won’t find it a problem at all.

Next is to get yourself an autoresponder account. An autoresponder account is nothing more than a facility for you to write email messages and have them preset to go out at predetermined times.

Also, with many autoresponder accounts, you have the facility to provide INSTANT BROADCASTING to all of your subscribers. This means that once you’ve written your email, you can instantly send it to all subscribers, there and then, without the need to set a future date for sending.

“But wait…” you say “I don’t have a list of subscribers I can send my autoresponder messages to!”

Fear not, all will be revealed.

In order to get people to your autoresponder series, you will need to create a series of marketing documents or brochures that will draw the exact type of prospect you’re looking for. Let’s say you have a keen interest in developing a business around information products teaching children how to become better students. Okay, you have identified your niche area of business interest.

You will now need to create an autoresponder series that draws your prospective candidates to your marketing funnel.

Namely, parents of those kids who already send their children to private schools, parents who have hired extra tuition specialists, geographic areas where schooling is of paramount, areas where new schools are in the pipeline for development…

And that’s just for starters.

There are a number of publications and ezines that are dedicated to improving school children’s grades, as well as a number of books where the author could be contacted for a joint venture of sorts…

So, what would we put in a publication that would draw the people we’re looking for? Articles are a powerful way to attract the specific group of people you’re looking for. And… you don’t have to pay a penny as magazines and publications are all looking for fresh authentic content to drive their publication.

Once the article is written from the perspective of the reader, giving them solutions to the problems of helping children gain top notch grades, and you’ve done no blatant selling or pitching for products or services you’re looking to promote, then you’ve earned the right to put a little tag line at the end of your article informing people how they can reach you.

Now here’s the key:

You don’t simply want to put your telephone number so people can contact you; you want them to click on your autoresponder series email.

The autoresponder series should have a compelling, attractive title, something like Free email course that helps in “Turning Your Children into Grade A Pupils Without The Need for Staying Up All Night!” Please send a blank email to

All the above does, is to get people into receiving a sequence of emails to do with a topic that’s important to them… making their children, smarter.

So, how to we make any money from this? Well, as you’re developing and building your email list, you’ll see that the responsiveness of the list will become stronger and stronger when you make an offer of sorts.

Where can you go to get products to do with improving children’s grades, without you having to make them yourselves from scratch?

In case you didn’t know, there’s a host of companies who will allow you to sell products on their behalf and… where you can make a nice commission for helping them promote and sell their products.

Registering for them is easy.

ClickBank and Commission Junction are two of the most popular companies where anyone can become an affiliate or reseller. And that’s what you have to do. Search the list of products that you want to represent and sell and start doing that.

Here’s how it all ties in together…

In your email autoresponder series, in the heart of one of the email messages, you could talk about how many children find it difficult to relax once the exam season is on, and that you’ve come across this unusual website.

You then put your affiliate link where the readers can then click and see what it’s all about.

The big thing here is that you’re not selling them on the idea of the product, you’re not the companies salesperson. All you’re doing is steering them in the normal flow of your email communication.

Once the visitor reaches the sales letter or marketing document for the product, that alone should then do the selling job. In this way, a number of products and services can be integrated into the autoresponder email series alongside future email broadcasts. Also, adding a blog to your marketing arsenal will further enhance your credibility in the niche you’re looking to dominate.

Can you see how using your copywriting skills will enable you to start up a business from scratch, for nothing…without ever needing to set up a website?

Quite frankly, it’s incredible what you’re able to presently do in creating an online business… without ever having to know one once of HTML, coding or any of that technical stuff.

If money was a hurdle, if technical ability and knowledge was holding you back, let it all be a thing of the past. What you must do is refine your copywriting skills for only then will be able to dominate the niche of your choice!

Of course, if you’re wanting to not get involved in any of it, simply hire a copywriter to get it all done for you and split the rewards.

Look at that! There really are numerously simple ways to make money online whilst still rendering great value… whether you’ve great copywriting skills, or not!

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