How to Host Webinars and Broadcast Vlogs From YouTube Live| by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

Google Hangouts on Air has announced it is moving to YouTube Live.

So how do you broadcast with this new technology? Like anything else, it can seem complicated at first. But after your initial set-up and first broadcast, you’ll find it’s actually a breeze.

Here’s how…

1. Access YouTube Live from Your Dashboard

  • Sign into YouTube
  • Click on your channel’s profile picture (top right)
  • Click Creator Studio button
  • In the left sidebar menu, click Live Streaming

2. If this is your first time, you’ll see a Get Started screen

  • Verify your identity with a phone number
  • You’ll get a link so share for live streaming to audiences that looks like this:

3. Learning the system…

  • Get to know the Dashboard
  • Review the live streaming checklist on the top right
  • Familiarize yourself with the chat window – this is where listeners engage with you when you’re live streaming
  • Notice at the bottom of the chat window you can send messages, emoticons and URL’s
  • You do have the option of turning chat off

4. Add event details

  • In the information box you can configure details about your YouTube live event
  • Start with the event title, a description, scheduling, category and privacy options

5. Click on Stream Options at the top

  • Enable DVR so viewers can see back in time, up to 4 hours
  • Choose stream optimizations and delay if applicable

6. Optional – Click on Monetization at the top to add Google AdSense

7. Optional – Add cards to your live event for a strong call to action

8. Set up your encoding software

  • YouTube recommends several different software options for broadcasting from your desktop, including Open Broadcast and open-source software for both Macs and Windows users
  • Click on Encoder Setup and enter the information
  • Then enter this information into your Open Broadcast software

9. You’re ready!

  • Simply start streaming from your software. Choose input sources such as your desktop, webcam or audio input.
  • You should see a preview of what your YouTube Live audience will see.
  • Click the Start Streaming button and you are LIVE!
  • While streaming you can view analytics to see how many people are watching.
  • And you can grab the live URL to share, too.

10. Once your YouTube Live event is over – your video will be added to your video uploads and optionally available to YouTube viewers.

11. When you click on your live event video – you’ll see the analytics button beneath the video. Click this and you’ll see the engagement of viewers during the live session.

12. Download your video to share elsewhere

  • You can repurpose your YouTube live videos by going to your Video Manager, clicking on the drop down arrow next to Edit, and downloading the MP4 file of your video.
  • Share your videos on Facebook, Slideshare and any place you can upload video.

Wired called YouTube the sleeping giant of livestreaming. It’s a great way to connect with your audience and make them feel a part of something new, exciting and fun.

And it’s a great way to build your YouTube video library as well.

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