How To Make Your Marketing Message Irresistible, Compelling, and Magnetic! | by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

Have you ever been driving, and then suddenly realised that your car seems to be crawling to a grinding, aching halt? When you look out the window to see what the reason is, you realise that there’s been a horrible pile-up a few yards ahead of you.

It’s not that the traffic lights are out, or that cars are being stopped for car tax disc checking. No. The snail-paced traffic has been caused by drivers stopping to look at the wreckage.

In some strange and twisted way, to a lot of people, that scene is compelling. May not be for the right reason, might not be what we all like, but, it’s compelling. It gets us to draw to a halt, even if we didn’t intend for it to. It grabbed our attention.

How about your marketing messages? Does it make people stop what they’re doing? Does it force them to read what you have to say? Well, if it doesn’t, you’ve either got to ask ‘why not?’ You’ve got to truly challenge yourself as to why you’re putting it out in the first place.

You see, what seems to stump most people is the thought that they’ve not got much to say, or, that they don’t know how to say it in a compelling way.


The Clue!

When you meet someone you know, you don’t say, “tell me everything is the same as it was when I last met you”. No. We all want to know the answer to the question, “what’s new?”

Switch on the 9 o’clock news and you’ll see that there are NEW stories, every single day. And, if there’s an ongoing item, you can be sure there’ll be a new angle on it or a different perspective that sheds new light that keeps us hooked.

Coming up with newness in your business enterprise will give you all the ingredients you need to craft a compelling, sincere, from-the-heart message. Conversely, no newness in your marketing equals no life. No life in your messages equals bored customers. Bored customers equals… you get the idea.

So you see, it’s vital to have a constant flow of newsworthy things to inform your clients and prospects about, and that too on a regular basis.


What are the areas one could create newness in?

Well, what about the product, the price, the process, the irresistible offer, the new add on product, the joint venture partner that’s giving a special deal because of the new relationship.

If you’ve nothing new to say in these areas, create and develop something new in these areas, then, start to inform your audience.

Imagine, you and I sitting at the bar and I can sense you’re itching to tell me about this girl you met, and if you don’t spit it out, your chest will explode!

That’s the type of excitement and involvement you want from your prospects and customers, because of your marketing messages. It’s contagious. Once you’ve got stuff to say, say it with the natural flowing electricity that occurs when a compelling message just has to reach its audience.


A Practical Test

If your sales letter, ad, webcopy, email, etc. was like a TV programme, and all your audience had a remote control in their hand, would they be switching over channels quickly, or would they stay glued to your ‘programme’ right to the very end?

Test yourself. See how many different messages you can come up with for your next promotion, ad, or sales piece, and then ask yourself, “what would be the most compelling can’t-put-down message I’ve got?” If there are none, go back to work and find one that is.

Who said being in business was boring and uninteresting? A business lives and dies by its marketing and advertising messages. Strive to make yours magnetic!

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