How to Setup a 52 Week Membership Site in 7 Days – Day 4

Write your own introduction and conclusion for each lesson.

The introductions should whet your member’s appetite for the content to follow. The conclusions should get them anticipating what’s to come in the next lesson.

For example: “Watch for next week’s lesson, where I’ll finally reveal the simplest and fastest way in the world to lose those final 10 pounds and look like you’re ready to win a bodybuilding contest.”

As you’re going through the material, change the chapter titles as needed.

Add in subheads throughout the material to break it up and make it easier to read.

If you choose, you can tweak the material to add your own voice and use your own writing style.

You can also add in your own examples, tips and stories if you like.

Consider adding pictures and graphics to make it even more interesting and valuable.

Proofread everything, even the content you don’t change.

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