How You Can Earn More Money With Public Speaking, by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

There are many different ways to earn more money with public speaking, including using something called Speakers Bureaus.

There are a few types though. The first are set up as commercial enterprises that help locate professional speakers for their paying clients and the second type are the speakers bureaus within a business that offers speakers for a fee or free to those seeking people about their expertise.

If you get listed with the first type of speakers bureau they will take a percentage of your speaking fee as their payment, so the higher your fee the harder they’re going to work to try to find you a speaking engagement. The industry average for this fee is anywhere from 10 to 30 percent of your speakers fee. It can be difficult to get listed with this type of bureau unless you have a bestselling book or are already a celebrity in your own right when you’re talking about a national speakers bureau.

However, a lot of local areas have speakers bureaus too, and they are often desperate to find local speakers for their clients. One way to get your foot in the door is to create good marketing materials as well as a video of your speaking abilities. You can either have someone record and actual event that you spoke at, or you can create an event and record that and use it in your marketing materials.

Regarding the materials you supply the speakers bureaus, no matter which type you use, ensure that your marketing materials do not have any contact information on them because the speakers bureaus will want their contact information to appear instead.

Sometimes you may have to sign an exclusive contract for representation and other times you do not. Read all fine print of anything that you sign when dealing with speakers bureaus or any type of representatives.

The other trick to getting more speaking engagements is to attend meetings where your target audience hangs out. Tell everyone what you do, and provide samples freely on your website and in your marketing materials. Samples can get you in the door by showing what you have to offer a group or organization. If you have a high impact presentation, even if you’re a nobody you can command a high fee from a variety of businesses.

If the speakers bureau idea doesn’t work for you, immediately consider putting on your own event. Simply find the venue, create the topic, and sell seats by marketing your event. It is a good way to get your name out there and get started on your newspeaking for money career. Public speaking can be a lucrative career but also a new income stream if you’re an author, service provider, or someone who has a compelling life story to tell that teaches something about money, overcoming, or solving some problem that your target audience has.

If you have answers, people have a need to listen to what you have to say. Whether it’s how to raise responsible and productive children, how to make money from home, or how to lose weight and get healthy, if this is your expertise you can earn money speaking about it in your local community and nationally. Using a speakers bureau can help you get known. And it’s profitable as well.

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