Influencer Marketing

The influence marketing techniques you see on YouTube work on TikTok, too. Choose influencers who have audiences that are suited for your product.

And if possible, consider letting your influencer create the content their way, because they know what their followers like.

One of the best things about TikTok is you or your influencer do NOT need to be the next Steven Spielberg. TikTok’s young clientele aren’t interested in high video production values, but rather originality and fun.

It’s best to trust your influencers to produce their videos their way – even if it looks amateurish to you.

Let’s say you start a drop shipping store. Maybe you sell t-shirts or apparel or anything people 35 and younger might like. This could be a golden marketing opportunity to get the right influencers to promote your stuff.

Since TikTok is new, odds are these influencers aren’t getting too many brand deals, so they probably won’t charge too much for a shout out. The return on investment you could get with these influencers could be huge.

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