Is it Okay to Eat Cheese from 1893?

This is the headline I clicked on, expecting to be taken to an article.

Maybe someone had found some cheese in a cave or a forgotten refrigerator, and it was dated 1893. Or maybe a family or business had been saving a precious cheese for over 125 years, and now they were ready to taste it.


The headline took me to an ad, and it pulled me right in.

It seems there is a cheese named Oka.

And here’s what they had to say:

“Is it okay to eat cheese from 1893? It’s OK if it’s OKA. While we still use the same recipe from 125 years ago, the cheese you’re about to enjoy isn’t quite so old.”

Clever. Intriguing.

Is it click bait? Maybe, but I liked it so much, I really didn’t care.

Because when you get to the site, you find a lot more interesting questions, such as,

“Is it OK if my cheese smells? It’s OK if it’s OKA. When it comes to this cheese, the smellier the better.”

Or this one…

“Is it OK to eat cheese made by monks? It’s OK if it’s OKA. You can trust the Trappist monks of Oka, who spent years perfecting the recipe we still enjoy today.”

Do you see what they’re doing?

They’re telling you about their cheese by asking questions.


You know what’s coming next – a question for you:

What question(s) can you ask that will capture attention, showcase your product, and lead your prospect down the path to becoming your next customer?

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