Life’s Secret Communication Skill: Keeping in Touch, by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

It’s amazing for me to see why so many people seem to be having trouble creating the business they want. And then again, it’s not that amazing when I see what they are “not doing” in their business. We all know that the number one business skill when it comes to creating an Internet business is building a list of prospects, who then convert into buyers.

However, the main problem, as I see it, is this. Many people are creating sophisticated ways and methods to capture email addresses, but slow down the process of communicating and keeping in touch with their subscribers! It’s pretty much like slogging your guts out to get to the cave where the gold is, and then just sit at the opening of the cave and leave all the gold in there. What a total waste!

Creating an Internet-based business is dependent on communication – constant communication. An online business isn’t like a physical retail store where you may just speak to your customers when they pay a visit to your store (saying that however, savvy off-line marketers do speak to their customers regularly via electronic or physical newsletters!)

So how often should you need to keep in touch, in order to establish a good, healthy relationship with your clients and prospects? Well, you’ll be happy to know that there isn’t such a rule! That’s right. What works for some will not work for others.

I know online business owners who communicate nearly everyday to their list of prospects, subscribers and buyers. Every day! And what you should know about that is that their income hasn’t slowed down because of it. In fact, it’s gone up! Now you maybe thinking that who on earth would want to hear or read something from the same person everyday? Well, the people who would want to hear from someone everyday are those people who have strong, interactive relationships.

Put it this way. Would you communicate to your friends and family on a monthly or yearly basis? Of course not! That would be absurd. Well, not entirely. Because those people who do communicate to their family or friends on a monthly or even yearly basis (and there are plenty who do this), do so because that’s the limit of their relationship. That’s all they want from that relationship. That’s the level of strength and depth and caring of that relationship. Not that it’s bad or anything like that. That’s what both parties want from the relationship, and nothing more.

So those people who are in daily or weekly contact with their friends and family have more to say. They have more to share and contribute. There’s more happening. And, it’s a two-way street.

Quite frankly, we all do what works best for us in our relationships.

Now someone may say that they don’t want any contact with their customers or clients or prospects, so how can they still create an online business?

Those people in a direct marketing mail order type business may sell books and publications and never speak to one client or customer, ever. Because everything is seemingly automated from the customer point of view – from the ads, websites, etc, to the product delivery and the automated helpdesk or customer service function. And most aspiring entrepreneurs love the idea of this kind of setup.

However, building a business is based on creating a list of people, and communicating to them. You may never speak to any of them if you don’t want to, though you will want to communicate in a written form to them. That is, if you’re looking to create an ongoing stream of income from your subscribers and customers!

But most do not want to do this aspect either. It’s too much like hard work! And it’s also here where the self-doubt and the self-criticism comes in. Because one can say that they’ve never been a good communicator or that they’ve always been shy at school, or that they’ve always been not too good with words, or that they get tongue-tied, so that’s why they find it difficult in coming up with what to say on a weekly basis to their prospects or subscribers.

Well of course, it’s all a lie. All of it. So, to break the lie up into little pieces, I’ll give you a few content ideas to help you come up with ‘what to say’ to your subscribers. And there are content ideas everywhere you look. So let’s say that you want to write a message every day to your subscribers. What can you say on a daily basis? (Okay, just kidding! Maybe not every day, but, you may want to write to your subscribers once a week.)

So, where can you get your weekly content from?

Well, how about from the following sites:

1. Amazon

2. Total Film

3. BBC

4. NetDoctor

5. YouTube

Okay, so what are we going to do with this information and how can we use it to communicate? Well, each website listed above has the very latest information on various subjects that are of general interest. You see, we all like to be kept abreast of matters that relate to our everyday life. And when we can connect with the information that’s current and fresh and relevant, and tie that in to our written communication, your readers and subscribers will have new information coming at them weekly; if not, daily!

And who wouldn’t want to know what’s on the best seller list and, what your thoughts are about it? Who wouldn’t want to know what films are grossing the most money this week and what YOU thought of the film and what the main characters are all about?

What about the latest health happenings, the latest news, and the latest YouTube happenings?

There’s a whole world of information out there that’s freely available. All you need to do is take that information and give it your own twist or your own comments or your own opinion of things! And then, occasionally, tie that newly created message into the promotion of your products or services!

When you do this as a regular, ongoing habit, you’ll be surprised how many people will think of you and your communication as a breath of fresh air. Because quite frankly, most people subscribe to many lists and newsletters and ezines and they’re receiving the same kind of information.

You can stand out by making your communication different, engaging, fresh and unique. And when you practice and make a commitment to do this regularly, you’ll own the minds and hearts of your subscribers. Keeping in touch and keeping your conversations fresh and consistent both in your business life, as well as in your personal life, will bring you sweet rewards.

Why not start the practice today? Because keeping in touch is life’s secret communication skill.

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