Mascots for Business

Mascots for Business

Mascots for Business
By Nick James

Mascots have been used in business since the first advertisements were printed. What better way to get your business noticed and attract the customers you want. Mascots help people remember a company as long as they are humorous, and memorable. It can be the mascot that really helps us decide which company we want to do business with.

Think of the mascot as a spokesperson for your company. Now you don’t want to see just any person talk about your brand. Most of the time, companies use animals, objects, or cartoon images of people to represent their company; and it works.

Think about a funny commercial you saw with an animal, for example, “Aflac Insurance.” The mascot is a white duck with a personality. When people see white ducks, they are reminded of the company, and I know because I always hear people say, “Aflac!” when they either talk about ducks or see one.

It can be quite humorous at times. But maybe you see my point? Will you always remember the insurance company because of the big white duck? Another great thing about mascots are they never age and they live forever. They also do not take time off from work, nor do they sleep. A mascot can pretty much do a lot of the grunt work of selling for you.

Now say you have a product that may need a little more explanation to get people to understand its benefits or features. Without using a well-known brand name for this example, think of any object. This can be a shape, vehicle, or science lab object, whatever you can think of, an example can be made from it.

So I will use a circle as an example. Imagine the circle with a face on it. Now you are watching a commercial, and the face starts talking about how your life can be made easier if you use the round object to move your furniture from one end of the room to the other. All you need to do is put it underneath the object you want to move, and now you are able to relocate the object with ease.

The circle who is your mascot will not be an ordinary circle, but rather have some colors and may even be 3D. You can get as creative as you can, and make it stand out where people will remember the mascot when they need to move furniture around the house. The same concept goes for selling cereal, batteries, toys, etc.

One thing most people may not think about is mascots can actually be used to teach people about something. For instance, cartoon characters are used a lot to teach children about safety, or even help them learn something new. This is because children relate better to imaginary things and so they will be more likely to remember the lesson, which the character was trying to teach.

So a question to ask yourself is, should you use a mascot for your own brand? I do not see a reason not to. Whatever your niche is, do not think you cannot create a mascot. You do not have to use a character or shape that is directly related to your products. For instance, if you sell coffee makers, a cartoon coffee maker with a face, arms, and legs seems pretty silly.

If you are having trouble coming up with a mascot, animals are always good to use. People love animals as they think they are cute and most likely will help them remember your brand. It is also great to use animals because no matter what your brand is, any animal you can think of can be dressed up in a way that will relate to your brand and products.

To give you more ideas, I want to tell you why mascots are relevant for brands. For one, they reach out to children and moms for the most part. This is a great strategy because if you are selling something and you want a child to become interested, then your mascot can relate to the child. Most likely mom will want their child to be happy and so they are more likely to purchase your product for their child.

If you are an Internet marketer, your mascot can have its own Facebook page. Once you have a page, people can then interact with it and it even becomes more appealing. It will also help you with your online image because you can learn what people want and observe how they are reacting to your brand. This will help you improve your business too. It also helps to establish your brand if it is new.

Once you have an established brand, your mascot can be made into a costume maybe, such as well known brands like Hershey� and Disney�. When you go to their amusement parks, the characters come to life and walk around. They go up to children and the children will remember them. If you think about it, you are actually selling not just to the children at that point in time, but also to future generations.

What I mean is, once those children are grown up, they will remember how much fun they had and bring their children to the same parks and buy the same products they got as a kid.

In conclusion, mascots are definitely a great tool to use to sell your products and make your brand more memorable. There really isn’t one right type of mascot to use, but animals are definitely worth using because people think they are cute and are more likely to remember them. Think about your target audience and that will help you determine what type of mascot will work best.

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