Listen, There’s No Need To SHOUT! | by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

“Selling isn’t yelling!”

You may have heard that line before. But, what you may not have heard is that selling is yelling, in some arenas.

That’s right.

Let me show you what I mean.

Say you’re a fruit seller amongst a gaggle of sellers in a crowded market place environment. In all probability you’ve got to use your lung power to attract the wandering passerby into listening to, and then buying, what you’re selling.

(The old Zig Ziglar (sales trainer) line comes to mind here, where he says “timid sales people have skinny kids!” How true.)

What if you’re on the stock market trading floor as a jobber? That’s a place where you’ve got to invest in some serious bellow from the belly in order to get heard. Or how about if you’re in the funfair amusement industry where you’re continually blaring out to possible punters “ROLL UP, ROLL UP, TRY IT OUT!”

Let me be quick to mention that I’m not suggesting that any of the above professions or occupations are bad or lowly in any way. They’re not. Rather, the title of this article is to do with you communicating with prospects and customers that doesn’t require yelling in order to sell.

Yet, how many times do most businesses “fruit-stall yell” to their prospects, only to find that it falls on deaf ears? See, even though good products and services are much needed by the consumer, it can be a right turn off because of how the message is received in our senses.

I remember an ad written by Charles Saatchi (of Saatchi and Saatchi Advertising) whose client was one of the charities appealing for funds. Now, in order to draw attention to the desperate plight of those needing the funds, Saatchi used the following to attract attention to the ad (and, it was in the Times or The Guardian newspaper!): “LISTEN YOU LITTLE SH*! YOU NEED TO STOP DOING WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND PAY ATTENTION TO THIS!” (The whole line may not be word for word correct, but, the first four words definitely are!)

Let me tell you, any intention I had of giving any funds quickly faded away, vanished into the night like a shadow. Like it or not, we all want to be communicated to with a little respect, kindness, and common-sense courtesy, am I right?

Most businesses say, “Buy From Us, We’re The Best”. Why yell that out? Everyone else is doing the same. Why not prove you’re the best? Why not let the reader or prospect decide?

What’ll happen if you say instead something like, “We don’t know if we’re the best, but we’d sure like for you to find out if we can help fix your problem. Here’s what a dozen other people have to say about us!”

Can you see the difference?

It’s that simple shift, that little subtlety, the difference that’ll either cause joy to ring out, or trigger the alarm bells to signal “DANGER AHEAD!” Though, having an alarm bell loudly ringing away is one way to POSITIVELY YELL that things aren’t working!

What can you do to stop the YELLING and focus on selling to your prospects and customers?

CLUE: Whatever you notice, put it to work, quick. Fleetness of thinking and quickness to implement will reap multiple rewards.

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