How To Retain Visitors To Your Site Even If The Page They Are Looking For Is Missing | by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

No need to lose visitors if they see the page marked 404: Page Not Found Error.

I’m sure it has happened to you. You’ve gone to a site only to find out that the page name is bad or doesn’t exist anymore. It can happen as easily as copying and pasting a partial link from an email. It may happen by accident when a web site gets rearranged.

Either way, the last thing you want anyone coming to your site to see is “This page cannot be found” or “Error 404 Page Not Found”. If you check your web site stats, you are likely to find hundreds of 404 errors log each month.

Go ahead and try it out on your site. Simply add any gibberish page name onto your domain name. If your site is showing an error instead of redirecting them to a valid page, you want to fix that for good measure! Your online business may depend on it.

Fixing 404 Errors

It is an easy fix to reroute errors to any page you want. In fact, I would say that it’s necessary.

Many web site hosting companies allow you to control this right from the control panel. They simply ask you where to resend any visitors when this problem comes up. If you can’t find it on your control panel, ask your hosting company tech support if they have it in place. Many of them do.

Even if your hosting company does not have a fix, there are numerous scripts to handle this. You can find a lot of these scripts for free online. Not only that, but they also come complete with directions on how to get it working. Quite convenient, now isn’t it?

Where To Send Them?

You don’t only have to send them to your site’s main page. You can offer them a special page which:

  • Promotes your newsletter to build your opt-in list
  • Directly links to your sign-up or purchase page
  • Goes to an affiliate promotion page

Basically, try out different tactics and track the results to see what works best for you. The bottom line is, there is no reason to be losing traffic to visitors who get an error on your site. Take the opportunity to make sure they get redirected to a good page. It can be challenging enough to get traffic to your site; there is no reason to lose them!