Reward Your Clients With an Appreciation Program

Reward Your Clients With an Appreciation Program

Reward Your Clients With an Appreciation Program
By Nick James

First and foremost, the best thing you can do for your company, is get honest feedback from your customers. You can do this by asking them to take a survey regarding their experience. Most of us cringe at the thought because we fear they will say something bad or not give a glowing review.

Don’t worry about what they say; embrace it. You want to know what they think so you can improve your business. When you do know their honest opinion, then you can improve and also offer them something to show you appreciate their feedback and the fact they are your customers.

You can give them a free trial of something or a free item to choose from. Don’t sound desperate but rather apologize and offer them something, and move on. Knowing what they said will only make things better for future business.

You can also have a special event to get people to come out and join in festivities. Here you can give away free items, have them sign up for a newsletter, or whatever you can think of. The sky is the limit. When they see that you are friendly and real they will be able to trust you more. If you run into regular customers at the event, offer them something special for attending the event.

For new customers, you have the chance to tell people about your brand, offer them a first time discount, and also give them a free gift. Chat a little with them so they can get to know you a little better. Getting new customers and keeping them around can help you when you build a relationship with them.

One thing customers love just as much as special events is a V.I.P program. You can make this program available to your existing customers, or you can even offer this to new customers. It can be a deal maker by offering it to someone the first time they buy from you, as they will feel like they mean something to you right off the bat.

Look at the V.I.P program as a way to build your customer database or list. The more people you have on your list, the more revenue you are likely to generate, as you know. You are also adding value to your products and services. People see a value in standing out from the rest, so why not give them a reason to.

Another way to show appreciation to your customers is by having a referral program. Reward them handsomely with this program. You will gain free advertising like having a customer of the month program, but also garner loyal customers. It’s really a no brainer. The more you give your customers a reason to buy from you, the more likely other people will hear about you.

Appreciate your customers even more by starting a birthday rewards program. Everyone loves to feel special on his or her birthday and feel that is an important day. Offer people bigger discounts either on their birthday or in their birthday month. Give them a coupon that never expires for their birthday the first time they buy from you. The possibilities are endless.

Always make a point to remember them and their birthday regardless if you are using this strategy for an appreciation program or not. Send them a birthday card or some birthday greeting. Maybe send them a free gift or sample of a product you sell now or will sell in the future. Do this just because it is their birthday.

There is no wonder if people will feel special and set apart if you show your appreciation. Whether you have a special event, give them a big discount, or have a V.I.P program, always give them a positive impression about yourself and your business.

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