The Only 2 Things You Need to Make a Freakin’ Fortune in Online Marketing

Step right up here! We’ve got gizmos, black-hats, tips, tricks, techniques, loopholes and secret formulas for making money online.

You can be sneaky, lazy, dumb, ignorant and have your worst hair day ever, but if you do what we say, you can be rich at the press of a button.

Just buy this shiny new object, get that little thrill of knowing you are on the verge of making it BIG BIG BIG this time, and then by tomorrow you can forget all about it.

Because… that’s what most wannabe online marketing folks do.

Then there are other folks – the folks I can really relate to – who crash and burn.

They do something grand. They buy a bus load of traffic or they launch a new product or they do something that, if it succeeds, will send them on their way.

And they not only crash, but they take out everyone next to them, too.

They get screwed, demolished and hurt. They look so roughed up, you’re sure they’ll never get in the game again.

But the very next day, there they are, ready to try again.

And guess what?

They almost always eventually succeed.

But this isn’t about perseverance.

It’s about the mistakes people make, and the two things – THE ONLY TWO THINGS – you need to succeed online in a very big way.

Everything else is just extra. It’s window dressing. It’s nice, but it’s not what’s making the money.

First, the mistakes and the people who make them.

Dabblers – These are the aspiring marketers who have a finger in everything. They try this and they try that. They never commit to anything. They never go all in full force. It’s like they’re at a buffet, and they take one bite of this and spit it out, and then one bite of that and spit it out. They never choose a meal, sit down and EAT.

Bouncers – These folks get in deeper than dabblers. They actually get excited and committed enough to start something. But then they’re off to the next thing, and the next and the next. There is always something better, faster and easier on the other side of the fence, and they become pros at fence hopping and not much else.

Learners – These people are in business to learn. Not to do, but to discover. They discover every step of every business and break it down and learn some more. They analyze and over think and keep looking for the next thing to learn, because as long as they’re learning, they don’t have to do anything or take any risks.

The Know-it-Alls – These are the folks who will tell you that they already know what you are trying to teach them. And yet, they are not making money. They may have known it all for years, but it doesn’t matter. If they don’t apply what they know, then they do not truly know it at all.

Here’s what all four of these types of aspiring marketers are NOT doing:

  • They are not driving traffic and generating leads
  • And they are not creating conversions

If you can do just these two things, then you can make a fortune.

And even if you can only do ONE of these things, you can still get just as rich, as long as you partner with people who can do the other one.

Nothing else really matters.

You can have the best product in the world, but if you can’t get traffic to it and convert that traffic into sales, then it is worthless.

You can have the best customer service, but if there are no customers to serve, what good is it?

You can have the greatest content, the fanciest website or whatever, and if you cannot drive traffic and make sales, you are not making money.

Let me ask you this… what are you working on right now? Is it something to do with driving traffic? Or converting that traffic to sales? Because if it’s not, then you might want to drop what you’re doing and get busy on what’s important.

Are you terrible at driving traffic? Then focus on conversions and have affiliates drive traffic for you. If you have an offer that sells well, then getting affiliates will be no problem.

Are you conversion challenged? Is writing sales copy something that you’ll never master? Then you can either hire someone to do it for you, or you can focus on driving traffic to other people’s offers that do convert.

Focus on traffic, or conversion, or both.

Ignore everything else.

Don’t get sidetracked, don’t spend a year learning about traffic and another year learning about conversions.

Focus your efforts like the greatest laser every built.

And within a year you will be making enough money to tell your boss to stick it, to buy that new house and car, and to start living the life of your dreams.



That’s all you need.

You are one conversion winning system away from a million dollars.

So get busy.

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