Tips for Building Your Own Successful Chatbot Tip 5

Give your bot the right voice

Your brand has a voice and tone, and your bot can be a natural extension of that same voice and tone. Look at the way your posts are written and use that same style when deciding what your bot will say. This consistency will create a seamless experience for your users, making them feel comfortable and at ease.

Another option, which I don’t recommend, is to lean into the “bot-ness” by making the voice a bit more obviously robotic. Many companies do this, although I have figured out why.

Whatever you choose is entirely up to you. Just stay consistent with it throughout your conversation tree.

Your opening message is key. Use your voice and tone to be welcoming and put the user at immediate ease.

And be sure to let users know they can get in touch with a human at any time. That’s a great nugget to place into your bot’s welcome message.

Also include things like:

  • A catchy hello.
  • Expectation-setting. Letting people know they’re talking with a bot.

And a solid first question with plenty of options to capture as many possible user journeys as you can.

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