Tips for Building Your Own Successful Chatbot Tip 9

Take your bot to the next level

Check out this list of powerful chatbot superpowers:

  • Theme parks tell you the wait time for rides
  • Hotels can tell you room availability
  • Booking sites tell you the best options for your dates and your price range
  • Food delivery places let you order

These are all possible because of the Big Data that these brands use in their bots.

But if you’re not at this level yet, that’s okay.

You can get started by anticipating the most common customer questions and doing your best to fill in your bot with details.

Simple things like hours of operations, daily deals, etc. can make for a delightful experience.


And if you do have a customer base who clamors for data-rich answers, then use the examples above to inspire your chatbot dreams.

You might also personalize your chat experience with variables like first names or locations.

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