Top 5 Ways to Massively Grow Your Pinterest Audience By Nick James, The Internet Business Coach


Pinterest is a free website where people of any age group can upload, save, restore, manage and sort their images. The website just requires the user to get registered which is absolutely free. They can then add videos and all other forms of media via pin board which is a collection of all. The website can be best regarded as personalised media platform where the images are regarded as pins. Any user can browse the images and media of other users on their home pages.

It is one of the best ways to increase your followers, communication and share your stuffs with other. By following the below mentioned ways you can be sure of increasing your Pinterest audience.

1. Create A Pinterest Widget

This is considered as one of the most authentic ways to increase your audience. Creating a widget may show approximately 30 of your pins altogether that may attract the rest of the users to follow you.


2. Share More, Comment More

The best way to be recognized is to stay in touch with the people. The more you will share your stuff and pins, the more people will get interested in you and follow you. Sharing a few pins on rare occasions may leave them with no interest. Similarly, comment on everything you like. Show people that you are interested to know their opinions in order to create interest for yourself. It is a give and take relationship.


3. Welcome other connections

To increase your Pinterest audience, one of the common ways is to link your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and any other account you have to Pinterest. This may bring the friends of those profiles on your Pinterest and follow them so that they also follow you in order to enhance your number of audience.


4. Build Interest And Sustain It

The best way to engage with people is to build up their interest in you and then try to sustain and maintain it. You can always do this by two methods. Firstly, do not over crowd the feed of your followers and always share your pins at regular intervals. Secondly, do not change multiple topics on a single board; rather, create different boards for different topics.


5. Participate More

The last thing you need to follow is to participate more on other boards. When you share a quality pin or an attractive comment to another board, their followers will automatically become yours. You should also take part in different contests in order to gain fame and attract the audience.


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