Why I Am Never Giving Up My Life Of Entrepreneurial Pursuits For A Steady Paycheque, by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

There’s never been a day that I’ve said to myself that I’d rather plod on with a life of the normal, routine, 9-5 mediocrity after I found the entrepreneurial bug; especially when I found myself being successful at it. Sure, I may have had those initial doubts, those horrible inner mind games when I was just getting my feet wet in the strange and wonderful world of direct marketing, direct mail and information publishing.

In fact, I would sit and wonder at times what on earth is going on. But I quickly realised that it was all part of the process in my reaching where I wanted to go. It was part and parcel of the whole magical kingdom I wanted to be part of.

So, when I hear people who have decided that they too want to step on the entrepreneurial platform and create a lifestyle based on the same elements I have, but after a certain period of time they feel that it’s…

“all going wrong and I just can’t cope, I just don’t know what to do, I’m going to throw the towel in on all this and go back to thinking about a full 9-5 job where I get a steady income coming in every week.”

Then, I hear your thinking. I feel your pain and frustration. I sense your despair and I want you to know that it’s okay to feel like that. That it’s okay to know that the present situation may not be as what you’d initially thought it would be. It happens and it’s all part of the journey.

And I’m not suggesting that the current scenario you might find yourself in has to be the same for you in the coming months and months and that you should accept it as some sort of futuristic truth for you, I’m not saying that.

All I’m saying that there will be periods where you feel like you just want to yank out the plug of the PC or laptop and throw whatever resources you have regarding the project you want to get off the ground into the bin, instead wanting to do something entirely different.

Now here’s the important message in this article and if you really get it and internalise it, it can transform your very thinking. It can transform the very wiring that you’ve set up inside your brain.

Here it is:

Whenever you feel that you’re really in despair and that things really aren’t working out the way you felt it should, I want you to go back to the good old school days – your school days. And I want you to picture yourself in the classroom and then I want you to notice the conversation that’s going on with the teacher in the front of the room and she’s talking about some topic that you’ve thought, “this is going over my head”.

And then, as the teacher moves on with the lesson, you realise that the topic she just went through didn’t sink in and find its way into your brain. You then find yourself scrambling around, trying to play catch-up, trying to forcing yourself into believing what’s really going on with the subject. But you know deep inside that you’ve just lost the plot and you just want to get out of the class as fast as you can. But there’s another twist to the proceedings, because your teacher says…

“listen class, we’re going to have a test on all this so you have the weekend to go over what you’ve learnt today.”

Of course, you’re now gulping hard!

Okay, so let’s go back into that scenario, and it’s pretty a real scenario for all of us when we think about some topic or subject we didn’t like or didn’t want to get into at all.

So, the subject flew over your head and you did nothing to solve the problem. What could you have done?

Would you go to a friend and say you didn’t have the foggiest about what went on and ask if they could help you out? Yes, that’s a possibility. Another is to go to the teacher and tell the truth that you didn’t get what went on and ask if she could help you understand it. Another possible solution could have been to go home to mum and dad and say that there was something you didn’t understand at school and ask if they could help you go through it.

Now, with each and every one of those alternatives, there’s something that has to be overcome within you. Can you guess what it is?

If you said overcoming the fear of what others would say, you would have scored a perfect ’10’. You see, asking others for help, advice, or information, especially at that school age, is quite an ordeal for many kids. And yes, I know it shouldn’t be that way, but it most certainly is for a great number of kids.

And what generally happens is the child never returns to that topic, thinking all along that the topic is hard and is something to be feared, to be in a frozen state about.

However, that school classroom scenario doesn’t end there. Not by a long shot. That’s because most adults have not been able to shrug off those classroom incidents, and in turn, unknowingly carry those habits, thinking, and practices into almost every area of their adult lives.

The fear of what others will say.

Maybe that is what you’re currently facing in your entrepreneurial endeavours. The silence because of the fear of what others will say about you and what you’re up to in life. And only you can tell for sure what the silence has done to you.

Now, the other option – one that wasn’t really available to you in school – is the idea of closing down the particular subject you are not interested in or you know has you all tied up in knots, and to create your own subject, develop your own interest, and chart a specific programme of learning and absorbing.

Now isn’t that refreshing? Picking something you really love to do, learning it, gathering the help and resources you need in order to accomplish what you want, and then gaining the rewards you want to get!

I see too many people beat themselves up over something they say is driving them nuts. It’s really unnecessary and there are solutions all around to help you turn things around.

So, my suggestion to you is to keep the fire and spirit burning in you regarding your entrepreneurial aspirations. See if you’re really committed to what you’re currently working on. And, if you’re not getting a true buzz and excitement with it all, look at what’s available – there’s plenty of opportunity around – and get to work in making things happen for you.

And please, don’t sit and suffer in silence. If you find it tough by doing things on your own, get active in forums, hire a coach, or find someone who has an interest in what you’re up to and link up with them at regular times so you can share ideas, thoughts, and what’s going on.

If you want to make a true success of your entrepreneurial efforts, act as if your life depended on it. And that means get help when you know you need it. You see, a true indication of being committed to your cause and what you stand for is when you reach out for help. It shows courage and advancement on your part, not weakness and fear.

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