Not Writing Down Your Goals Can Mentally Destroy You! | by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

Most people do not write down their goals or wants or achievements or desires. What they do instead is store it up all in their head. That may not be a bad thing for a handful of people but the general problem with all that mental storage is that it can all get sent to a million and one different directions with the brain having no storage or compartmentalisation or organisational system for it all.

And I can sum all that up in one single word – CHAOS!

And I know it’s said that chaos is the highest form of order but I can see the chaos and lack of order when I talk to people about their goals and their achievements.

So when I ask people about their written equivalent of their goals I get that blank far away look that tells me they’re having trouble fitting my simple question into their mental modus operandi. And I can feel the sense of bewilderment and confusion because for a while, I too didn’t write down my goals – I simply thought I knew what I wanted and that was enough.

It wasn’t enough.

I found out that no matter how skilled I was in articulating my goals to myself in my mind, I found that there was another dimension to the goal achieving process and that was in writing everything down.

Now I’m not saying that I we need to write down a thorough detailed manifesto or white paper or secret and confidential document and carry that around with us everywhere we go. No, I’m not saying that. But what we can all do is write down a few one-liners for the goals that are important to us. And, we don’t need to walk around with one of those ludicrous billboards strapped to ourselves reminding us of our goals.

Surprisingly, there are a number of methods we can use to have our goals written out and have them remind us. So, suppose a few of our goals are something like these:

  • To earn 5k a month from my Internet Business By November 2016
  • To weigh this weight by this month
  • To be an effective public speaker by speaking in at least 10 events
  • To be typing 60 words a minute

Okay, as you can see we’ve whittled a few goals into bite-sized, benefit-oriented one-liners with specificity-driven actions. Now let’s list the various ‘devices’ we could use to write down these goals.

  • Mobile phone (note writing feature)
  • Blackberry
  • Notebook
  • Fridge
  • Office whiteboard
  • Laptop/PC
  • Diary

Now, not all the above are portable enough to carry around with us all the time, but the act of writing our goals down is part of the magic of achievement and accomplishment. Of course, I’m not saying that merely writing down our goals is the thing that’ll bring our goals into existence. However, the writing down of our most important goals has a dramatic effect due to the reticular activating process our brain follows.

What that simply means is that when you send a message to the brain by reading out your goals, the brain goes to work to seek out the help needed to make those goals, become real. The brain goes ‘searching’ for resources and help and guidance. It isn’t any wonder that the now famous 1953 experiment of the Yale University graduating class where those 3% of students who wrote their goals down were worth more in financial terms 20 years later, that all of the other 97% combined!

But you don’t need to attend Yale University to create your own success equivalent. Simply practice the art of writing you most wanted goals down. Because as you would have read, if we keep all the stuff of our goals and dreams and hopes and aspirations locked up in our head and if we do nothing more but just live in the dreamland of “what might be”, then that’s all a perfect recipe for pain, heartache, and non-achievement.

Yes, goals can mentally destroy us if all we do is imagine a better future and then leave it at that. If we leave it all to fester and swirl and rotate and spin and get out of control, before we know it, we’re nothing more than someone scrambling for an excuse or some make-believe reason as to why we haven’t reached our goals or what we wanted.

Write your goals down and use that as a platform to build and create and reach you most precious dreams, because the quality of the rest of your life depends on it!

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