Is Writing A Blog Worth Your Time? | by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

Now is the time to reassess your internet marketing strategies and get rid of anything that no longer works. Many are wondering today whether a blog is worth the time that you put into it. Whether you have a blog already or you are considering starting one in the near future, this is a question that you need answered as soon as possible.

Blogging Remains Relevant

Perhaps your current blog is lacking in traffic, or you are just getting started and worried it is too late. This is simply not the case.

You can rest easy if you are worried that blogging these days is a waste of time. It will continue to work for you now and for a long time to come. Therefore, if you are thinking about starting a blog our increasing your efforts on your existing one, it is wise to keep it as an integral part of your marketing strategy.

Increased Inbound Links

Statistics show that companies who have blogs acquire 97% more inbound links. It is no secret that inbound links increase the credibility of your website with search engines. When other reliable sites link to your site, you are deemed trustworthy via association. Your site will rank higher and you will be viewed as an authority within your industry.

In addition, the visitors to those other sites will follow the links to your site, leading to more traffic for you. As long as your blog content is worthwhile, you can expect a drastic increase in prospects for your business.

Declining Human Contact

Experts predict that within the next four years, 85% of customer relationships will not be managed with human interaction. With developments in technology continuing to rise, customer are going to use that technology rather than speak to a human.

This means that you can expect upfront contact to continue to decrease in the coming years. Customers are going to be doing research on their own and making assessments before making any calls. With an up-to-date blog filled with quality content, you will stand out at the best company for the job.

Trusted Resource

Today, blogs are considered to be the most trustworthy source for precise information on the internet. Blogs naturally feel intimate, regardless of whether they are business or personal.

With the development and delivery of consistent quality content, your blog will quickly become the go to resource for trusted content within your particular industry. In addition, by responding to customer questions and comments, you highlight a commitment to assisting your readers in finding the information they require.

When You Are Not Getting the Desired Results from Your Blog

In some cases, you may already have a blog, but are not reaping the desired benefits. The reason for this is likely that you are not making blogging a big enough priority in your marketing efforts. In order to obtain the results that you want, you have to be consistent and the content that you product has to be of the highest quality on topics that will interest your target audience. This is where you are going to find true value.

It is a fact that maintaining a blog will take a considerable amount of time. However, by putting in the effort and making your blog a top priority, you will enjoy a greater return on your investment than marketers who do not blog.

In contrast, if your posts have been consistent and your content is great, then you should dig deeper. The problem may lie with the calls-to-action at the end of your blog posts. While your main priority should be to provide the reader with excellent content, you need to prompt them to take action once they have read the post.

It does not matter if you steer them toward relevant posts or offer a free PDF, you must give them something to do next. This will keep them on your site and may even move them farther down your sales funnel.

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