You’re Dying but You Will Live Forever

The other day I get this piece of advice from a YouTuber.

He says to subtract your age from 90.

Multiply that number by 365.

That’s approximately how many days you have left before you die forever.

Yes, forever.

Even if you come back in some form (Reincarnation? Heaven?) the current you here on earth will still be lost forever.

Mark Twain said he wasn’t afraid of dying because before he was born, he was dead for millions of years.

Good point.

But if you want to get stuff done, you better get busy, because every day you have one less day to put stuff off.

His advice: Time is short, so get busy.

But what if you flop this advice on its head? What happens then?

Today I received a different piece of advice in my inbox that did just that.

It’s from James Altucher, and he says to, “Live life as if you are NEVER going to die. Ever.”

Which sounded really stupid until I thought about it.

If you think you’re going to live forever, then you better get busy making some money because it costs money to live. So, stop watching TV because you DO have all the time in the world.

Thinking this way still provides motivation, but I notice there is less stress involved, which makes me more productive.

When you’re with someone, be as patient as if you will live forever. You’re immortal. They’re not. So be interested in them and LISTEN to them.

Imagine how much more people will like you if they feel that you are really, truly listening to them. I mean everybody – your family, your friends, your affiliates, your customers and your plumber.

You’re going to live forever, so listen to people tell you their stories so that you can LEARN.

Imagine how much more patience, empathy and kindness you will have for everyone – especially yourself – when you know you’re immortal.

And whatever you want to do, get better at it each day.

Just a little bit.

And one day you will be the best.

You’ve got time.

So much time, that you better get busy and make your immortal future as bright as possible.

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