5 Ways To Stand Above Your Competitors By Attracting Only The Clients And Customers You Want To Do Business With | by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

“Cheapskates, money misers, no good, low down, despicable lowlifes…”


No, you’re not reading a description of our many politicians. What you’re reading are comments business owners, entrepreneurs have made about THEIR CUSTOMERS!

Yes. You’ve read that right.

But you know, the funny thing is that these customers and clients didn’t magically appear from the undergrowth and declare “I’m going to be a client of so and so”.


The business owner has to have done something to firstly, get the attention of the prospect, and then, say yes, come on in and be part of my world. It’s not by accident that this has occurred, it’s by deliberate design.

So how then, does one go about attracting the perfect clients, prospects and customers? And there’s a key word there… ATTRACTING.

You see, there’s chasing and there’s attracting. There’s going after those you’re looking to interest; and then there’s getting your ideal prospects to search, hunt and track you down because of something they’ve found out about you. They’re doing the leg work in searching you out. The beauty of this is that they’re already pre-qualifying themselves as credible prospects when they do this.

Here are 5 ways to get people to sit up, take notice and be attracted to you, your products and services.


There’s nothing like being in front of possible prospects because of something you’ve written. There’s a magical effect when you’re perceived as a published author.

What can you write or have published? Books, articles, newsletters, special reports white papers, responses to forums and blog posting of those in similar niches to yours.

And look, the two biggest complaints I get about being a published author is that firstly, people don’t think they can write. And secondly, they don’t have the time.

Well, you can either learn to write (and it is the biggest asset you’ll ever possess in life, structuring your communication via print), or, you can outsource it. Whatever you decide to do here, decide. The agony comes when all this is rolling around in your head and you do nothing but ponder and debate about what you should do.

Let me stress again; learn to do it yourself, or hire someone to do it for you.

And about the time factor; what else are you really doing with your time that’ll be more productive than attracting the right type of prospects who will then proceed to shower money your way at regular intervals… for as long as you want them to?

If you’re honest, you’ll see that in most days, there are chunks of time where you really can’t account for it. It just seems to vanish into thin air. If you really want to know where it all goes, become your own internal TIME AUDITOR. For it’s then you’ll come face to face with reality.

And the reality is: you’ve been wasting vast amounts of the precious commodity that you’ll one day be wishing that you have more of. Don’t wait for that day to come, start the process NOW!


There’s another form of Instant appeal when someone hears you speak about your products and services in a formal presentation type of way. Somehow, speaking is associated with EXPERT STATUS.

And you’re going to have to get the courage and do exactly this if you’re looking to move away from all the ‘me too’s’ who are inhabiting your market place territory. What you should know is I’m not suggesting you perform the ‘speech of your life’ in order to wow people to ‘your way’. All I’m saying is that if you believe what you are doing, what you are promoting, then there’s no question about your sincerity, about your ability to deliver excellent services or class products; the question is about you having the courage to get going and having people to hear you.

If you’re hesitant about speaking in front of groups of prospects, you could record a speech on CD, or get someone to interview you and then have a mechanism for distributing it to those A grade prospects. What about having a sample of that CD playing on your website, and where interested prospects could have the entire CD posted to them. (There’s magic in that little process; I hope you got it!)


I touched on this a little in the ‘Being Published’ section. Nothing gives instant credibility, something that shows off your expertise, than having a regular newsletter sent to your prospects and clients. The thing here is that you are positioned as an ‘expert in print’. Being in front of your audience on a regular basis, keeps your name and what you do, fresh in the mind of those that receive it.

Of course, you’ve got to stimulate the minds of your readers in ways that all the other players in your market place, don’t. There’s nothing more infuriating for a person to receive the same regurgitated nonsense from several people all saying basically the same thing… THE SAME WAY!

If you’re in the Internet Marketing field, you don’t have to have to put a newsletter out with the title ‘Internet Marketing Strategies’… YAWN! How about “The Electronic Money-Making Letter – How to Make The Internet Beg, Roll Over And Pay You Money Like a Slot Machine!”

I hope you get the point – stand out, be different, be engaging.


Filling your own seats is a marketing strategy that’ll do a lot for you in terms of credibility, money in the bank, exposure. Of course, you don’t have to go the whole hog by hiring a venue and all the associated headaches that go along with it. You could go the electronic route and host TELESEMINARS. This is a topic that deserves a dedicated amount of time, so I won’t get into the nitty gritty details of it apart from saying that right now, as we speak, this strategy is one of the best money makers on the planet. You’d be wise to get intimately familiar with the technology and the process. It’s a goldmine.


You’ve no doubt heard a lot about this from various sources… specifically in the information I send you. The reason for that is…IT WORKS. Riding on the expertise, the credibility, the investment of others who have the type of prospect you’re looking to influence, is a fabulous launch strategy if you’re looking to get off the ground… RUNNING!

Getting the endorsement of a trusted and influential person, who recommends you and your services, is the best shortcut path to money, clients and momentum that you’ll ever find. If you’re struggling to find your feet, this strategy is the best route to go for. You won’t go far wrong if you get your hands on the joint venture secrets DVD I released a few months ago. It’ll give you a head start like you’ve never had before!

These then are 5 ways to attract the type of clients and customers you are looking for. It’s not hunting them down. It’s them chasing YOU. There’s a difference. Chasing, or being chased. Pushing others away, or having them being attracted because of the strategies outlined above.

I will say that you’ll get a completely different breed of prospect and customer if they come seeking you out, than if you were to drag them out of their home and beat them over the head with a force fed sales letter or marketing promotion that they didn’t ask for in the first place.

And lastly, no I don’t think of my customers in the way I opened this article.



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