Copywriting Skills Can Get You Out of Trouble! | by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

Did you know that if you can master the skills of creating compelling presentations on paper, you can literally get anything you want, or, can get out of anything you don’t want?

Here’s an example:

Just recently, a copywriter friend of mine told me a story that showed me in point blank terms, that writing effectively is the biggest skill anyone should, and can, learn. This chap’s wife was supposedly registered as an exhibitor at Olympia Earls Court, for an upcoming trade exhibition. Although she had exhibited at Earls Court (fashion accessories) in their past trade fairs, she had no intention of participating in the one that this email refers to.

Well, it turned out that although she didn’t complete any paperwork, the Exhibition organisers insisted she had completed the forms, and was chasing her for the exhibitors fees of £1,745!

The sad fact was the sales team were all nice and friendly when it came to securing places and when taking money. But, when they were faced with a situation where it’s like this: “no, we’re not registered, so please don’t ask us for money”, a different animal raised its head. These people, in the blink of an eye, became rude, demanding, and plain obnoxious.

My friend’s wife decided to handle affairs herself, but, still being on maternity leave, found it all too stressful to handle.

Here’s what my copywriter friend did: He by passed all the sales team, managers, etc., and addressed his communication to the Event Director, who was the top dog, the numero uno, the big cheese.

In the subject line of the email he sent, he wrote: (First name omitted here in this email for privacy)

“XXXX, I Bet You’ve Never Seen An Email Like This From An Unhappy Client Before?”

He then went on to summarise the situation with the sales team, and that how my friend and his wife were so appalled at the way the sales team operated. The killer bullet was fired when my friend said, if you’ll scroll below, you’ll see something that will be going out to all the trade press, the other exhibitors in the event, BBC TV’s Watchdog programme, the Which? Magazine, the local and national press, and other interested parties.

He wrote up the beginnings of press article that had at the very top: “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE”.

The main headline in the press release said:

“Which Other Small Trade Exhibitors Has XXXXXXXX Event Management Tried To Screw Money Out Of?”

What do think happened next? An immediate email from the Director saying that he’ll look into things. After a few more swapping of emails, the end result was that the company withdrew their communications for the £1,740 exhibitors fees.

Now, the BIG LESSON in all this: If one knows how to put words in a particular sequence, to get the result they want, they can change their world.

What do you feel you want in life? Or, what do you feel you want to get rid of? Being able to cohesively present your case in writing can get you exactly what you desire. Isn’t it a good idea to put these skills into practice in your life, starting today?


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