One Simple Technique to Adopt If You Are Struggling for Product Ideas, by Nick James, the Internet Business Coach

I don’t usually watch daytime TV. In fact I hardly watch live TV at all these days. However, one day I did find myself flicking through the TV channels for something to watch as I replied to various support tickets and forum questions that had been posted overnight.

Just as I clicked open for one particular support ticket from a website member, the program Cash In The Attic began.

Why am I telling you this? Well, as I read through the support ticket, which essentially was asking: “Where to find inspiration and profitable product ideas?”, I thought about the story that was unravelling before me on TV. Essentially we investigate the forgotten treasures that have been in store and forgotten for years in someone’s attic and end up turning the items into cash by sending the various items to auction.

That got me thinking. Could the very same formula I was seeing on TV be used to help my customer overcome their problem of coming up with their first product idea about what to sell online for profit?

It might be that you are already sitting on a goldmine of information, ideas, old articles and experience that is slowly gathering dust. Don’t think of these as boxes of old papers, think of them as your pension! Your greatest asset is the knowledge, experience, education and intellectual property that you have accumulated over time.

However it can only realise its true potential and you can only ‘cash in’ if you repurpose it and turn it into a product you can sell online.

What have you got hidden away in your virtual ‘attic’ that you can quickly identify and turn into cash?

Think about the following points to help jog your memory:

  • Hobbies past and present
  • Jobs you have done past and present
  • Holidays, vacations and travel destinations
  • Interests you’ve had past and present
  • Stories you have been told
  • Your Family history and genealogy
  • Life changing experiences
  • Your health trials and tribulations

If your ‘material’ is in your head then you need to get it out of your head as quickly as possible. One such method of doing this is to speak your thoughts into a microphone and record everything. Later this can be easily transcribed. Or perhaps if you already have some of your original articles and reports from the ‘good old days’ on paper already, then you need to get these typed or use some OCR (optical character recognition)software to digitise your old masterpieces and unlock the gold that they contain within.

Using the Cash In The Attic technique is just one way you can overcome inertia and procrastination that prevents you from choosing and selecting a product idea to begin your Internet publishing career. Whilst it cannot be guaranteed your first product will necessarily reach or exceed your financial income target… It will give you a real and hands on experience of developing your first product and help you reach your epiphany moment more quickly.

So, how many forgotten yet profitable ideas do you have locked away in your attic?

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