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Replying to or retweeting someone else’s post on Twitter has advantages. Why would you reply to someone’s post? The main purpose it to gain exposure. The more posts you comment on, the more people will become aware of your brand. You will also use hash tags and make backlinks in your comments to either direct them to your website, blog, product, or wherever you want.

What about retweeting a post, why would you do that? You would do this because you want the favor returned. When you retweet someone else’s post, they gain more exposure as well. It also encourages someone to comment on your posts and mention you and your brand to their followers. There are strategies you can use to be the most effective with these two tasks.

One way to get others to share your posts or allow you to reply to their posts is to get to know them a little. The person whose post you want to reply to or retweet should know about it because you want them returning the favor. They will never know to help you out if they do not know you are helping them. They may even wonder why you shared their content in the first place.

When you do reply or retweet a post, all your followers and all their followers see it. As an Internet marketer or online businessperson, you know how valuable this is. Your best bet and strategy is to exchange your tweets and also make replies to them. What I mean is you can have an even exchange, for example: for every one post you retweet, the other person will retweet one. The same goes for replying to the tweets.

It is very important to remember when you are replying to a post, you want to leave a backlink or hashtag to encourage others to learn more. Some people may think that this takes followers away from one of you, but in reality, when people see great content that they can navigate to, they will appreciate that you did this for them. They will still continue to follow you or the other person because of the content. That is the reason they were a follower in the first place.

There are some basic rules to keep in mind when it comes to the content you share or write in response to the tweets: always make sure the content is valuable or adds value to what is already written. For instance, do not just agree to someone but add a little more to what they are saying. Keep it relevant as well so you do not confuse people or throw them off. You want them to remember you and what you said so they come back and read your tweets again.

Another rule to keep in mind as part of your strategy is having your blog and Twitter feed coincide. You may have followers on Twitter, but you also may have people who only read your blog and do not follow you on Twitter. They may have Twitter accounts but are just not aware you have one or did not decide to follow you yet.

A great way to encourage these people to share your content on their Twitter is to create a retweet button on your blog. Now your blog followers and your followers Twitter followers will see your content. You get the gist of it. As and end result, and something you want to encourage is, they may become your follower on Twitter.

Another way to get you blog readers to follow you on Twitter is to make sure you are following people who have a lot of valuable content. You know how your blog readers think so you know what will interest them. A rule of thumb to humanness is that we tend to be selfish meaning we think “what’s in it for me” or “what am I going to get out of this?” That is okay because you want people to come to read your content, tweets, and replies.

The very reason someone followed you on Twitter or reads your blog is because they feel the content is what they want to read. Take note to how many people are following you and how many times your tweets have been shared or how many replies you have. You may then wonder how to get more retweets and replies.

There are several ways to get more retweets and replies, one of which is mentioned above, which takes sharing content and also getting the person whose content you shared to do the same for you. Make sure you post at certain times of the day such as right before or right after work. That is when most people are looking at Twitter or reading a blog. More importantly be consistent. You can do this by scheduling your posts on both your blog and Twitter.

If you do blast tweets or try to reply to as many tweets as possible in a given day, this will look like spam. People will get confused and be turned off or they will get upset and complain; neither of which you want them to do.

Your best bet to get your brand recognized and widely known is to try the techniques mentioned above. Always remember not to plaster your feed with a bunch of posts and replies. Yes it will take time to build a following and get people involved in your brand, but please allow this to happen organically. The last thing you want is for people to think you are spamming. Most likely they will block or unfollow you.

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