How I Research and Write Blog Posts in 30 Minutes Or Less | by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

There’s one type of blog article that almost always gets a lot of positive response from readers. This article tends to blow up with comments. People “like” it using your social media buttons. They’ll even share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other popular social media platforms.

So what kind of article is it?

It’s the list article.

Yep, it is just what it sounds like: a list of tips, ideas, resources, or secrets. For example:

  • 7 Quick and Easy Ways to Burn Extra Calories
  • 10 Ways to Write a Great Blog Article
  • 3 Ways to Improve Your Golf Drive

Now here’s the best part of this type of article: it’s incredibly easy to research and write. Even if you don’t really know a whole lot about the topic, you can research it and write it in as little as 30 minutes.

Here’s how to do it in three easy steps…


Step 1: Pick Your Topic

It’s always a good idea to find out what sort of topics your audience is interested in. You can do a little market research to find out. Specifically:

  • See what’s selling well in marketplaces such as Amazon’s book department and the marketplace. If people are buying a lot of content on a certain topic, then they’re sure to love reading about it on your blog for free.
  • Check out other popular blogs in your niche to see which topics generate a lot of discussion.
  • Browse related Facebook Pages and Groups to find out which topics get a lot of likes, shares and comments.

In short, find out what topics are popular, then choose one to use for your “list” article.


Step 2: Research It

Now it’s time to head to Google or Bing to do your research. What you’re going to do is run a search that will help you uncover other list articles.

Let me give you an example. Let’s suppose you’re writing an article about the seven ways to burn extra calories. You might use the following search strings:

  • Ways to burn extra calories
  • Best ways to burn extra calories
  • Easy ways to burn extra calories
  • Tips for burning extra calories
  • Secrets of burning extra calories
  • Ideas for burning calories
  • Methods for burning calories

Typically, those search strings will return other “list” articles back to you. You can even search specifically for list articles using search strings like this:

  • List of ways to burn calories
  • 10 ways to burn extra calories
  • 101 ways to burn extra calories
  • 10 tips for burning calories
  • 101 tips for burning calories

If you need still more ideas, you can also use the previous search strings with synonyms. So instead of searching for “burning extra calories,” you might search for “burn fat.”

For example:

  • Best ways to burn fat
  • 101 tips for burning fat

Go ahead and run multiple search strings using the recommendations above. You only need to look at the first page or two of results for each search string, as you’ll likely uncover dozens if not hundreds of “ways” or “tips” for your list article.

Next, pick out your top tips, secrets or other ideas to include in your list. For example, if you need ten ways, then pick out your ten favorites from across the wide range of results you uncovered. In other words, don’t pick 10 favorites from one article. Instead, compile your ideas from across several sources.

Then go to the last step…


Step 3: Write It

At this point it’s pretty easy to write your article. You have your list of ways, so all you have to do is put them in your preferred order, write a short paragraph about each way, and then add your introduction and conclusion.

Simple, right?

But one word of warning…

Keep in mind that when you compile your “ways” or ideas from other sources, you’re ONLY gathering ideas for inspiration. Whatever you do, don’t copy anyone else’s content.

For example, it’s okay to get an idea from an article, such as “Eat complex carbs.” You might turn this into a tip such as, “Choose slow-burning carbs.” You’d then write your own description.

It’s NOT okay to copy someone else’s description of that tip in any way, shape or form. It’s not okay to take all your ideas from one source.

Your research is for inspiration only. Make sense?

Now let’s wrap things up…



So there you have it: three quick and easy steps to writing a popular list article in 30 minutes or less. Now you know what to do… take action! You could have your next blog article read in a half an hour from now, so roll up your sleeves and apply what you just learned. You’ll be glad you did.

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