Ten Marketing Mistakes Almost Every Business Owner Makes

If you were learning your A-B-C’s and you recited the letter ‘p’ before the letter ‘o’ you would’ve made a little stumble. Not a huge mistake. With a little recital, it could be cured pretty quickly.

What though, would be the outcome if you, instead of spelling the word ‘public’ as p-u-b-l-i-c, you spelt it as p-u-b-i-c?

Now, that, would be disastrous… especially if you were crafting an ad for possible parents to come to a website promoting an upper class, snooty ‘pubic school’. In marketing, there are similar disasters that are committed on a regular basis by all types of business owners and entrepreneurs.

But, the fact of the fact of the matter is that most business owners haven’t a clue about the marketing crimes they’re committing. For most, it’s simply a case of doing what they’ve always done, without the need for thinking or doing things different.

It’s no wonder that most have a hard time liking the business they’re involved in, making the kind of profit they would really really love to have. Again, this lack of marketing competence stretches and spreads across every industry, every medium and every category of business you can think of.

And, marketing on the Internet is posing a huge problem for many who’ve decided to sell, online.

It’s as if there’s no real thought, no research, no real approach to treating the online medium as a viable, respected and credible way of marketing products and services. I mean, it’s easy to get a domain name, web hosting and someone to hook everything together. For a few hundred pounds, one could be LIVE to the whole world.

There’s seems to be a universal lack of seriousness, as well as the reluctance to want to learn the skills to become a super Internet marketer in order to promote ones products or services.

Those who do embrace the fact that marketing is KING, prosper.

Okay, let’s get into the ten mistakes.

1. Running Institutional or image style advertising instead of running direct response advertising.
2. Not having a USP that can be integrated into all marketing communications.
3. Not having a follow up product or service to sell.
4. Not telling the prospects and customers the ‘reasons why’ they should be doing business with you.
5. Not tracking or measuring every element in your advertising and marketing campaigns.
6. Not creating your marketing communications to match exactly the audience you’re speaking to.
7. Not testing various aspects of your marketing to see which elements produce the best results.
8. Not using risk reversal and so removing the fear out of the interaction.
9. Not telling people what specific action they should take.
10. Not having an infrastructure to back up and support the marketing promotion or campaign.

It’s very easy to let these mistakes carry on and not pay any attention to them. You see, that’s the crime most marketers make. Putting yourself ahead of the pack by actually fixing these marketing mistakes is the way to allow profits to flow to you like you won’t believe.

It’s like magic. And… the magic is in simply learning your marketing ‘alphabets’. It’s time to get back to school and learn to do what others, won’t.

That’s where the advantage lies with the successful marketers; doing what unsuccessful marketers are unwilling to do.

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