Top 4 Facebook Magic Marketing Tricks | by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

Create Engaging Ads

One of the ways to promote your post on Facebook is through Facebook advertisements. Facebook advertisements are a powerful tool to utilize and create engaging content. However, when you create the ads, there are certain things that you should keep in mind:

  • Create crazy images: Try to create posts and Facebook ads that have images. The higher the images, the higher the chances of your post standing out
  • Add multiple images to your advertisements: Moreover, when you are adding images, try to add multiple images to your ads. You can upload as many as six images to accompany your advertisements without any extra costs.
  • The ideal size: Moreover, there should be an ideal size for images. The images should 1200×627 pixels. All of these images appear on people’s news feed; therefore they should be fully optimized.

1. Use Offers

Another way of attracting people is to make Facebook offers. Making these offers can capture the attention. Facebook offers work similar to Google offers extensions. You should try to give away an item or two if you are looking to promote your business. This is one of the best tactics that can grab the attention of most. Therefore, businesses can promote their products and company name by giving out a promotional offer or two.

2. Use Hashtags

No post will go a long way on Facebook if it is not advertised properly using hashtags. Therefore, you must essentially use hashtags in order to promote your posts. Once you add a hashtag, your post will automatically get categorized amongst different posts and it will therefore grab the attention of more people.

3. Host Contests

One of the ways to attract the most number of people towards your business or company on Facebook is to attract them. Therefore, you should try to host as many contests as you can to gain the attention of people. Hosting contests can include anything. Hosting contests is a way of attracting people towards your posts and therefore, hosting contests is the key of attracting people’s attention towards your audience.

4. Share Testimonials

Last but not the least, testimonials are also a great way of attracting people. Testimonials are always powerful and that rule continues on social networking sites such as Facebook as well. It is always good to think outside the box when you deliver testimonials on social networking websites. Rather than bland words, try to incorporate videos, photos, and other media as well.

The aforementioned tips are the best way of marketing your business on Facebook. All of these tips are fabulous advertising tips that work like magic and these are definitely a sure shot way of indulging the most number of people on Facebook to your posts.

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