What You Can Learn From Reader’s Digest and Cosmopolitan Magazine About “Killer” Copywriting | by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

Do you know where you can get the hottest, most up-to-date, most effective market research for your business or service? You can even get it for free!

The Local newsagent, the newsstand, supermarket, the library, the Internet. Any place where they sell Cosmopolitan, Reader’s Digest, National Enquirer, or other popular tabloid style magazines. Why? You see, the writers who write for these publications are some of the highest paid writers in the world. And the reason they are the highest paid is because of their mastery in creating headlines, teaser copy, and blurbs that attract. It’s these bullets of copy that drive the magazine or paper. It’s these eye-catching bits that magnetically lure us into the whole publication. It’s what sells the publications and helps rake in profit, time after time.

So, how can a business owner take advantage of this veritable goldmine of free research? Let’s see now. How about we get one of those publications right in front of us this very minute. I have one edition of Readers Digest as I’m writing this. Okay, the first headline on the front is: What Terrorists Learn From the Movies.

How can say, a Training and Coaching Company use this? How about a headline for an ad in a small business publication ” What Small Business Owners Can Learn From Coaching and Training”. Do you think that’ll get some response?

Okay, let’s move on to the next bit of bulleted copy in the RD. The Photo That Changed Jamie Lee Curtis’s Life. Let’s use this and this time, switch to a product driven business. Say a seller of Ferrari Motor cars. A sales letter could go out to Porsche owners who the Ferrari dealership wishes to influence to switching to their cars.

The letter could be written from an existing convert with the headline, “The Photo That Changed Jerry Jones’s Life”. The picture could be Jerry Jones looking ecstatic in his new Ferrari, with a small briefcase of cash that shows how much money he saved in the process.

Are you beginning to see the link here? Isn’t it exciting? You’re able to tap into the writing skills of those who’ve perfected their art, and ethically swipe their tried and tested, proven material!

Let’s try one more, just to prove that there’s consistency here. Okay, the bullet of copy we’re looking at here is: Can You Have A Good Divorce? Let’s use an Accountant’s practice for this one, and adjust the headline slightly: “Business Owners, Can You Have Too Good An Accountant?”

This really is too easy a process for anyone interested in selling their services through the written word. It’s a snappy, proven short-cut guide to writing effective copy that creates interest, curiosity and response. Never again do you have to stare at a blank page when trying to figure out how to get effective killer copy cranked up for your business.

Get down to the local supermarket with your notebook and pen, pull off all the relevant magazines from the shelves and start churning out your own profitable teaser copy and headlines, all for free. Amazing or what?

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