Whatever You Do, Say Something in Your Marketing! | by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

Did you know that there’s one major reason that freezes business people and entrepreneurs? It’s the simple lack of momentum and inactivity. And when it comes to spreading the word about their product or service, most stare blankly, fixated on why things are not happening rather than making things happen.

Doing something, anything – dropping a bunch of flyers out of an aeroplane, strutting down the street with a megaphone blasting your sales message, getting on the phone and calling your ideal prospects, it doesn’t matter. Just do something to get the juices flowing. Now, I don’t think you have to go to the extremes of marketing in the ways I’ve just listed, but, you know what, it’s better than doing nothing at all!

People are simply terrified about the idea of having their marketing liked. And they’re just so scared of doing anything at all. An example of this ‘phenomenon’ occurred in the London Underground, of all places! Whilst traveling to Bank station, somethingjingly caught my attention. It was the noise of coins inside a bucket being swayed side to side. Along with the coins was a fellow saying something that was really unclear and quite incomprehensible.

But this guy was getting money dumped into his bucket by someone almost every half a minute! (turns out it was a charity collection)

I don’t know what it was, but after I had slipped in a few coins into the bucket, I instinctively turned to my left hand side and saw another person carrying a similar bucket. Now, the thing is, with this person there didn’t seem to be much activity going on around her at all. What happened? Quite simply, she didn’t use her voice at all. She nonchalantly let people walk by, probably basing her collecting efforts on the fact that people would stop, greet her, and then drop money in without any explanation to the collection whatsoever. It didn’t work.

How many butchers, bakers, candlestick makers, and any and every other business you can think of, simply pray, wish and hope that people drop by their place of business without ever giving customers a reason to do so? I’d take a fair bet and say many businesses perform their marketing activities exactly in the way mentioned above. It’s either hit-and-hope or scared-and-running!

And look, it’s not only bricks and mortar businesses that suffer. Take most websites and you’ll know what I mean. There’s simply no compelling reason for us, the prospects, to be there. Quite frankly, most websites are written and marketed poorly. You would’ve thought with all the information and resources out there that there’d be more shining examples of websites that sparkle in their marketing efforts. Not so.

In fact, speaking of businesses that are marketed poorly, business statistics from Business Link tell us that 50% of new start ups don’t make it to their second birthday! Could it be down to poor, ineffective marketing? I’d bet my life on it.

You see, mediocre products and services can thrive with superior marketing. And super products can fall by the wayside with weak, meaningless, ineffective marketing.

In case you need to be reminded, the formula for getting super marketing results is ensuring that the right target market is reached with the perfect marketing messageand delivered to them in a way that is affordable, efficient, and impactful.

Another example I’ve noted is that of hairdressers and salons. They pretty much depend on the flow of customer traffic to wander in their own volition. I’ve seen salon owners – grown-up people who’ve invested a pretty sizable bundle in getting their premises – hire staff, create a welcoming internal experience, but fall woefully short when it comes to generating customers, profits, and long term relationships. That’s no way to run a predictable, reliable, dependable business.

Marketing helps. And, if done right, it can help business owners live in a style and comfort that they probably intended to all along.

So, again, the magic formula is to do something to generate a spark of interest. And, the thing is, it doesn’t matter what you do, so long as you do it! There’s magic in the structure itself. Marketing failures happen by not getting off the starting blocks from the outset, by not even trying. Rewards and success don’t favour the timid. Rewards are reserved for those who stick their necks out, and for those who go down trying (if ever they do go down).

Don’t sit on the sidelines, hoping, wishing, praying that things will get better. Get into the game with marketing that works. There’s no way that you’ll get ahead practicing silent marketing!

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