Word of Mouth Advertising: The Best Source of Qualified Customers, by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

It’s no secret that the most consistent, most enduring, most envious of businesses all do something that the majority of their competitors don’t.

What is their secret? Well, it’s nothing more than doing what they do so well, that others can’t help but tell other people about them.

What am I talking about? Everything that the business does is so superbly done that it’s hard to find any sort of flaw in their business and marketing system. Disney instantly leaps to mind. In the online world, Sitesell.com is creating the equivalent of what Disney does offline.

In fact, Sitesell.com is doing what most businesses with HUGE budgets, enormous numbers of staff, offices all around the world, listed on the stock-markets, cannot seem to do. And that is: Generate an enormous army of happy satisfied customers without spending a lick on formal advertising.

Yes, the people at Sitesell.com, led by Dr. Ken Evoy, have created the ultimate business scenario: having an army of cheering, supportive customers, willingly telling others about their products and services. And there’s nothing like a happy, satisfied client to sing your praises.

But word of mouth advertising doesn’t happen by accident. It’s a deliberate, well though out strategy containing multiple facets in order to create and foster the environment for satisfied customers to refer, others, just like them.

Don’t feel sorry for the business owner who continually mutters under his breath that:

“… my customers are nothing more than a bunch of whining maggots… ”

“… that the government are nothing more than a bunch of highly paid ‘suits’ who secretly celebrate the announcement of yet another piece of small business legislation… ”

“… that my competitors are using underhanded tactics and are involved in some form of Illegal business practice… ”

You see, a person who thinks like that, and then gets somewhat mystified, astounded even, when there aren’t many customers who’d refer others to his place of business is bordering on insanity.

Is it any wonder? What is he doing so well that others can’t help themselves but tell others about him? It’s a beautiful question, isn’t it? I mean it’s one of the best business ‘levelers’ I know. Imagine how the business fortunes of many small business owners would fare if they pay attention to and answer the above question. It could create a business explosion for the owner.

And what about the word of mouth advertising that would follow, and the residual value that happens from each customer? I mean, it could be HUGE!

Joe Girard, author of How to Sell Anything to Anyone and the greatest car salesman in history (Guinness Book of Records), has something called the “Rule of 52”. From his analysis, he found out that the average number of attendees at both funerals and weddings is 52.

What that means is in marketing to consumers, a person has the potential to refer 52 other people as possible customers. But look, suppose we cut that figure in half, to 26. Or even smaller, to 13. Wait, we can even slice that figure in half again to 6.

6 people.

Suppose all your customers referred 6 other prospects that turned out to be customers of yours, what would that mean to profits, to business activity, to how little you have to spend to get a customer, to the quality of your lifestyle? I think you’ll agree that the impact would be immense! Can you now see why having something so intrinsically valuable, so quality and customer-oriented in your business, can bring multiple rewards?

How can a business owner, Internet marketer, mail order entrepreneur, take advantage and get a host of qualified referrals to come bang on his door, to take residence in his inbox, to flood his fax machine with enquiries? By giving people something to talk about. By doing something so out of the ordinary that you’re the talk of the town. By developing new marketing techniques that get people so intrigued and so curious that they can’t help but find out about what you’re offering and what you’re about.

For example:

    • If delivering products by mail, get it out first class to reach the next day
    • If answering ‘helpdesk’ emails, aim to have a reply by a fixed time period, and you’ll impose a penalty on yourself if it doesn’t happen
    • Send a courteous and prompt return of customer money if people take you up on the money back guarantee, with an extra gift for their trouble
    • Acknowledge every new customer with a basket of goodies (electronic or physical) that’ll set their tongues a wagging
    • Give an unadvertised “EXTRA” when sending out main products
    • Give customers a freephone number where they can ‘record’ a testimonial for you, your business and what the product or service has done for them personally, and send a ‘thank you’ gift when a testimonial is left
    • Make your customers the stars of your products, business and marketing by delivering a FREE customer newsletter/blog
    • Highlight in your marketing the customers who have sent you the most referrals, and make a big deal of the gifts they received for doing so
    • Create a free ‘customer appreciation’ seminar where existing customers can bring a couple of ‘friends and family’
    • Hold competitions where the prizes are so mouth-wateringly huge that people can’t stop telling others about it
    • Develop absolutely fantastic offers for your products and services where you want the mental thoughts of your prospects to be “I can’t believe they’ve done that, I’d be a crazy fool to NOT to take them up on their offer
    • Do something out of the norm that takes your industry by storm (i.e. give away 3 FREE days of marketing consulting (that fits your specialty) to those businesses in dire straights. Challenge your nearest competitors to a marketing ‘gunfight’ at noon to see who’s the best.)

As you can see, there’s plenty a business owner / Internet Marketer or Mail Order entrepreneur can do to create a fabulous experience for prospects and customers alike.

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