The Two-Step Plan For Selling Lots Of Information Products

It’s no secret that you won’t get rich selling just one product. Yet when you sit down and try to plan a sales funnel, you may end up with a big question mark over your head.

Here’s the big question: how do you build a list of buyers who’ll turn into repeat buyers?

You see, here’s the thing: plenty of people know how to build email marketing lists, but these email lists don’t always generate cash. That’s what happens when you build a list of ‘freebie seekers’ only. Or mostly freebie seekers.

So what’s the solution?

Simple: build a list of buyers, and give these buyers a reason to read your emails every week for an entire year.

That’s how my two-step plan for selling lots of information products works. This isn’t theory. I practice what I preach. (See for yourself at Serious About Six Figures.) Here’s how I do it, and how you can too…

Step 1: Create a Yearlong Training Program

The idea here is to create a training program that lasts for at least a year. (i.e., you deliver one lesson per week for a year).

This should be your flagship product, which means you direct all your marketing efforts into selling this course.

Let me give you a few examples of yearlong training programs…

  • 52 Ways To Get More Orders In One Hour Or Less
  • How to Lose 50 or More Pounds This Year
  • How to Start and Grow a Profitable Business

You’ll charge a monthly fee for this course, such as $47. Then you’ll deliver new content regularly (once or twice a month) to your buyers.

There are three big benefits of this model:

  • You can create content as you go. All you need to do is create a few weeks’ worth of content before you promote the course. Then you just need to create content every week to deliver to your buyers. (You can literally get started with one piece of content for the first month.)
  • Every person on the list is a buyer. Not a prospect, not a freebie seeker, not someone you’re going to have to convince to buy something in the future. Every person is a proven buyer. And…
  • You’ll have your buyers’ attention for at least a full year. Every month for 12 months these buyers will be opening your emails to get what they paid for. Every month you’ll send them a new lesson, but you’ll also promote other offers on the backend.

Which brings us to the next step…

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Step 2: Create a new $97 Product Every Month

There are a whole lot of different ways you can make money on the backend of your yearlong training program.

However, one of the best and most profitable ways to do it is by selling your own products. Ideally, these should be priced at $97 premium products.


Well first, a $97 product is an easy sell when your list of buyers has already purchased your $97 training program. And secondly, profits from $97 products add up really fast.

Just imagine…

If you’re selling just 50 of them per month, that’s an extra $4,850 in your pocket (on top of whatever you’re making on the frontend). If you sell 150 of them each month, that’s a whopping $14,550 in extra profits every month. Plug in your own numbers and do the math… it’s all very profitable!

Now some folks think they can’t create a $97 product every month, but that’s just underestimating yourself. All you have to do is create something related to your yearlong program.

Let me give you a couple of examples. Let’s suppose you’re selling a course on starting an Internet business. Your $97 backend products might include:

  • A fill-in-the-blank set of templates for a webpage, blog, salesletter, articles, and so forth so the customer can get a business setup quickly and easily.
  • An in-depth training video on how to get traffic using social media.
  • A 5-Day eClass on how to create premium products.

And so on. If you want to boost the perceived value of a product, then offer:

  • Advanced training.
  • Video training.
  • A webinar.
  • A multi-part course.
  • Live coaching or email coaching.

Now let’s wrap things up…


If you’re struggling to sell information products using the traditional “free newsletter that leads to entry-level products” model, it may be time to ‘up your game’.

Aim for high-quality subscribers by selling a $97 yearlong training program on the frontend, and create a new $97 product each month to sell to these proven buyers on the backend.

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