Are You an Affiliate Who’s Leaving Money on the Table? | by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

Let me be blunt: If you’re an affiliate who makes money by selling one product at a time, then you’re making money the hard way.

Let me explain…

If you’re a typical affiliate, you probably have a newsletter or blog that you use to connect with your prospects. You use this platform to send useful content to these prospects and to build a relationship with them. You also send out promotions for your affiliate products and services.

But here’s the thing: I bet these promotions are for one-off purchases like ebooks or home study courses.

This means that you get a commission just once for each customer, and then you have to scramble and find something else to sell to these customers in order to keep the commissions rolling in.

Profitable, yes – but there’s an easier way to make money as an affiliate. And that’s by selling products and services with recurring commissions.

This means that you need only sell a product or service once to a customer, and yet the commissions keep flowing into your bank account month after month.

Let me share with you five popular types of products and services that pay recurring commissions:


1. Traditional Membership Sites

These are the sites where members pay a monthly membership fee in exchange for receiving continued access to the site. The site may offer training, products or services.


    • A private label rights (PLR) club, where members get new PLR content every month to use as they please.
    • A weight loss membership site, where each month members get a new report to help them lose weight. Members also get access to a private forum where they receive support and motivation from other members.

2. Fixed-Term Membership Sites

This is like a traditional membership site, in that members pay an ongoing fee every month in order to get continued access to the site.

The difference, however, is that membership ends after a fixed term, such as three months, six months a year or more.

Once the term ends, the member stops receiving updated content and the automatic rebilling also ceases.

Tip: The average length of time a member stays in a traditional membership site is only about three to four months. Your customers may stay longer in fixed-term membership sites just because there’s a definite end date, and most people like to finish what they start.

You’ll often see vendors use this model when they’re selling training materials, such as a six month membership site which teaches members how to set up their own online business.


3. “_____ Of the Month” Clubs

These are affiliate residual income opportunities for physical products.

Example: Examples include “fruit of the month” or “book of the month” clubs.

Just as with traditional membership sites, customers receive a new product every month until they cancel.

4. Auto-Ship Programs

Sometimes companies offer discounts to their customers if their customers choose to join an auto-ship program, which is where the company automatically sends the customer a new shipment of product every month.

Generally this is a consumable product that the customer needs to purchase regularly.

Example: One such example is dog food. Another example is dietary supplements.


5. Recurring Services

The above examples mainly refer to products. However, you can certainly sell services on a recurring basis as an affiliate.

Indeed, if the customer really needs the service, he’s unlikely to cancel.

Example: Web hosting, autoresponder services, cell phone service and cable TV service.



As you can see, there are plenty of recurring income opportunities for affiliates. You’ll find these opportunities available to you no matter what niche you’re in.

So give it a try – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how easy and profitable it is to make the sale once, yet keep receiving the commissions for months!