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How to Prevent Your Web Business From Melting Into Oblivion, by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

One day, over 700,000 websites went crashing down, rendered completely inactive, all because of a serious and deliberate attack on the entire InMotion Hosting company. What seems to have happened is hackers copied over the index.php in many directories (public_html, wp-admin), deleted the my images directory and added index.php files where they weren’t needed. Many […]

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Don’t Be So Eager To Show Your Visitors The Way Out, by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

Getting new visitors to your web site is a never-ending quest. One that involves creating interesting content on your site, getting the site indexed and ranked high by the search engines, and providing a good reason for visitors to stay on your site once they get there. For these and many other reasons, the last […]

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4 Great Ways To Attract Members To Your Membership Website, by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

We already know the power of signing up just 1 new member a day over the course of a year, so now let’s look at four practical steps involved in making that happen. Or perhaps even signing up 2 new members a day. 1. Product driven offers In my experience, it is very difficult to […]

How To Convert 1500% More Visitors Into Subscribers By Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

Whilst I was surfing the net recently and looking at one of my favourite web sites, one of the posts in the discussion forums really caught my eye. The message I noticed was a request from a webmaster called Scott Stratten. He was asking the forum members if they knew a way he could use […]

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10 Best Tips & Tricks for Creating a Landing Page By Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

If you wish to perk up the performance of your Pay Per Click advertising, making use of landing page (LP) optimization is the way to go. This process of internet marketing will help you maximize your online advertising efforts and give wings to your business. However, if you do not know the tips and tricks […]