How To Convert 1500% More Visitors Into Subscribers By Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

Whilst I was surfing the net recently and looking at one of my favourite web sites, one of the posts in the discussion forums really caught my eye.

The message I noticed was a request from a webmaster called Scott Stratten. He was asking the forum members if they knew a way he could use to try and increase the number of people that were visiting his site for the first time into signing up for his online newsletter.

Scott had launched his site some time earlier and was at a stage where he managed to attract a good amount of traffic on a daily basis.

The main technique he had used to generate this traffic, was by using ‘Viral Marketing’. Scott had created a Flash Movie for people to look at for free. The movie Scott had created was so popular, that the majority of people who watched his movie loved it. Many people went on to email their friends and colleagues with links to Scott’s web site, suggesting they visit the site and watch the movie as well.

(A great way to market your site by the way)

At the time of posting his request on the discussion forum, Scott stated that he was converting about 1% of his first time visitors into subscribers for his online newsletter.

One of the people that responded to Scott’s request for help was Paul Myers.

If you have not heard of Paul, then let me give you a quick run-down:-

Paul is a very well known online marketer and copywriter over in the United States. His ebook Amazing List Machine is an excellent collection of list / database building techniques. However I’m sure you will have stumbled across much of his work without knowing it. For example, Mark Joyner contracted Paul to write the sales letter for his “Farewell Package” in 2003. This is just one sales letter in a long list that Paul has written for other webmasters.

Anyway moving on, Paul decided to help Scott with his request and gave him a few pointers. He helped him re-work his site and the results they achieved were pretty impressive.

The Results:

Instead of 100’s of subscribers a month, Scott soon began to sign up 100’s of new subscribers a day!

Scott is now marketing other related back-end product to his ever-growing list of subscribers, and in time this will prove to be a gold-mine for him.

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